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2022 Beauty Trends to Spice Up Your Makeup Routine

2022 Beauty Trends to Spice Up Your Makeup Routine

 Most of us are glad to see the year that was 2021 behind us and are excited to look ahead at what 2022 will offer. With a new year comes new and exciting beauty trends that we love testing out and exploring. The makeup looks of 2021 were not boring, in fact it seems like beauty is getting more and more experimental and that will not change in this new year.

Along with some old classics making a comeback, we are seeing more innovation in the beauty world that you will be dying to try. 

  1. Graphic Eyeliner

Moving into 2022, it’s all about the eyes and making them the statement of your look. While liner has always been a staple in the makeup world, it’s time to amp it up with innovative and creative eye makeup to really make an impact.

This can be done with graphic and double winged liner that draws attention to the eyes. You can also use colourful liners and eye shadow to really make them pop. This trend pairs perfectly with a more subtle foundation and lip treatment, allowing your eyes to be the star of the show but still keeping the rest of the look casual.

Create the perfect graphic eye with The Quick Flick Winged Eyeliner Stamp in a striking electric blue.

  1. 90s Grunge Lips

Even as we begin a new year, we can’t help bringing back our favourite 90s makeup trends. This time the comeback is the well-defined lip. Create this look by using a darker lip liner to define and enhance the shape of your lips and a lighter lipstick to fill it in giving you naturally fuller lips.

Make this look even more nostalgic by using the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in this perfect grungy red.

  1. Natural Brows

In 2022 we are moving away from highly contoured and structured makeup and using products that allow our natural beauty to shine. This minimalist trend can be seen in the treatment of eyebrows. People have stepped away from meticulously carving them out with concealer and are now embracing a fluffy and natural brow by just using a clear gel.

If you want to get that effortless fluffy brow look, the Lashfood Clear Brow Enhancing Gelfix is what you need. This gel will instantly define, groom, condition and hold brows perfectly in place for a natural-looking finish.

  1. Supermodel Glow

If you’ve been dying to add more shine and sparkle into your makeup routine, then 2022 is the year for you. While we’ve all gotten used to dusting our cheekbones and tips of our noses with highlighter, it’s time to go big with the luminosity. You can add a bit of sparkle to your skin in many different ways. You could try out a shimmering body oil to make your skin really glow or swipe on some glittery eyeshadow to add an extra pop of sparkle.

By using luminous products such as the Madara Cosmic Drops Highlighter, you can glow all day long. 

  1. Peachy Cheeks

Blush had a big year in 2021 with the cream blush craze completely changing the way we do our makeup and making us realise how much the right blush can enhance our look. Now in 2022, blush is still a major trend with experimental placement a rising trend.

No more is blush confined to the apples of your cheeks, people are also applying it to the high points of the face like your temple and across the nose. This beauty hack creates a lifting effect by defining these areas and drawing attention upwards rather than down.

Join in and give your cheeks a peachy flush with L'Oreal Paris Wake Up & Glow Blush.

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