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8 Things You 100% Deserve To Get Yourself Right Now

8 Things You 100% Deserve To Get Yourself Right Now

With Cyber Week just kicking off, we’re here to give you some ideas on what you should be adding to your cart. Now is the perfect time to spoil yourself (we highly recommend) or you could also use this time to fit in some holiday gifting.

Whatever your plan is, we’ve compiled a list of 8 products we think you need in your life, like right now.

  1. Pamper your skin with a face mask

We all need a good pamper every now and again, and a face mask is the perfect time to take a moment to yourself and get your skin glowing and ready to take on the world. We love the LAMAV Beauty Sleep Mask as its hydrating properties help to repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin overnight. It works by replenishing essential cellular lipids to prevent moisture loss, promote healthy and radiant complexion and fight against photo ageing. With essential ingredients such as raspberry, sandalwood seed oil and hyaluronic acid, this mask leaves your skin looking healthier and soft to touch.

  1. After a new fragrance for summer?

Who doesn’t love finding a new favourite perfume and spoiling yourself with the gift of smelling great? We certainly do which is why we think you’d love Si by Giorgio Armani. This decadent perfume combines three notes: blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre, and blond wood musk with touches of freesia and May rose to give you a memorable and enchanting scent. Make this fragrance your signature and embody the very essence of chic Italian elegance and style.

  1. Create the perfect ambiance with a diffuser

Making your home a sanctuary is a great way to treat yourself as having a space that inspires and calms you is crucial to your wellbeing. An easy way to get started is by getting a diffuser that fills your home with refreshing and soothing scents, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. We recommend the In Essence Diffuser as its 360 degree ring disperses essential oils in a theatrical circular radius increasing the reach and aroma of the diffuser. It’s the perfect addition to any house and if need be, the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list.

  1. Treat yourself with a cool beauty gadget

Looking to treat yourself with a cool beauty gadget that will level up your skincare routine? We’ve got just the thing! The Beautifully Healthy LED Facial Mask is a device designed with 7 different therapeutic lights that promote a clearer complexion and more radiant skin. With 7 different LED therapy options, there is something for every skin concern. These 7 different lights include blue light therapy to kill acne and other bacteria, green light therapy to relive mental stress and lower blood pressure, cyan light therapy to improve cell growth and much, much more.

  1. Prioritise self-love with a new vibrator

This year, we’re practicing self-love which means you should treat yourself to some quality pleasure devices. We couldn’t think of a better fitting recommendation than the My ilo Curve Vibrator. It’s a curved, internal stimulating, waterproof vibrator with 8 vibration settings, yes 8! So if you’re also looking to make self-love a priority, add this to your cart, fast.

  1. Treat your hair to a new brush

When was the last time you replaced your old hair brush, too long? Then it’s time to treat yourself with a new Ibiza Hair Tools Flat Brush! This boar bristle brush has a rubber pad that allows the bristles to easily penetrate the hair without pulling or breaking the strands. It's also great for applying product to the hair for total saturation before a blow out or an air dry.

  1. Get your summer glow with BB Cream

With spring here and summer not far off, are you only wearing BB cream most days? Us too! Who says BB creams can’t be a treat yourself moment. The Sabbia Co BB Mineral Cream is just that, a moment. It’s a natural tinted moisturiser that will give your skin a subtle shimmery glow, perfect for warm summer weather. It’s packed full of Australian, raw, vegan ingredients to repair, nourish, and naturally boost your skin's collagen and elastin.

  1. Looking to lengthen your lashes?

Does anything fit more perfectly for spoiling yourself than getting long, beautiful lashes? We didn’t think so. Nourish your lashes with the Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer and get them looking longer, thicker and stronger. With visible results in just 4 weeks, this Ecocert-certified lash enhancer uses a blend of natural and organic ingredients to boost lash growth, for noticeably thicker and stronger lashes. Phyto-Medic Complex is an exclusive blend of herbal extracts that have been demonstrated to boost lash growth and prevent hair loss.

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