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Celebrate Australian Brands With These Home-Grown Companies

Celebrate Australian Brands With These Home-Grown Companies

This week at Beautifully Healthy, we’re celebrating Australian brands and shining a light on all the great work they do. We're excited to introduce you to some Aussie companies that will hopefully become a new favourite.

So help us in supporting our home grown brands by checking out their story.


Australian made and owned, QV Skincare is a true Australian success story. Built on a foundation of hard work and innovative thinking, the gentle and pure formulations of QV Skincare has ensured that it has risen from humble origins to become one of Australia’s favourite skincare brands for all types of skin. 

With an eye on the future, QV Skincare is always innovating to provide new products to its legion of customers. Almost four decades after the birth of QV Skincare, the name QV remains synonymous with quality and innovation.

Still proudly family owned and Australian made, there are now more than 50 QV products sold in more than 20 nations across the world. And with well over 50 million units sold, QV is as gentle for sensitive skin today as it was in 1975. Check out their products here.

We Are Feel Good Inc.

At We Are Feel Good Inc. they took the phrase "Create that which you wish to see in the world" and did just that!

They say that the best ideas are born out of necessity and when a group of six adventure seeking, outdoor lovers found themselves dreaming of a sunscreen that they could ‘feel good’ about – they decided to take matters into their own hands. After years of researching, developing, refining and testing, We Are Feel Good Inc. was finally launched.

They wanted a product that was Australian made and ‘got’ the Aussie lifestyle. Because no one likes that sticky post-sunscreen feel – We Are Feel Good Inc. wanted a product that felt good on your skin from the moment it was applied till hours of fun later.

Your We Are Feel Good Inc. product is Australian made and owned. They wanted a product that nourished and supported the skin without compromising sun protection capabilities, so they added skin-loving ingredients to sweeten the deal. Explore their range of sunscreen here and discover a new summer essential.


Meet wanderlust, a company that has empowered personal wellness for over 20 years. Since 2009, Wanderlust has been dedicated to understanding, expanding and refining personal wellness. Through bringing together world leaders in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and holistic health, they’ve supported people around the world to find their true north. 

Inspired by this spirit of exploration, their mission continues with a range of plant-active, herbal led supplements and wholefoods. Combining a selection of organic, plant or naturally-derived ingredients, every Wanderlust product is consciously created with intelligence and purpose, so you can positively support yourself and the planet. 

Wanderlust’s pursuit of striving for minimal excipients is what sets them apart. Just as the clean beauty movement revolutionised the category, they hope that their vision will spur innovation to set a new benchmark within the vitamin and supplement industry.

Find our full range of Wanderlust products here.


Hanami (“ha-nah-mee”) is an Australian-made, proudly independently-owned and woman-run brand featuring a signature range of non-toxic and vegan nail polishes, lipsticks, mascaras and more, all without the nasties. Created by naturopath Hannah Jones in 2016, after 10 years in the natural and organic industry, Hanami is here to help you look good, feel good and do good all at the same time. No more compromising your ethics for your style! 

Hanami operate from a position of respect and care for others and the Earth, and an ethos of ‘do no harm’. But they are well aware of the decades of harm that have been done before us, and that continue around us. That’s why they care so much about being a cosmetics brand with a conscience, and doing their bit to right the industry’s wrongs, one product at a time. 

Hanami also holds a deep connection and concern for the welfare of animals and are passionate about seeing an end to animal experimentation. They are proud supporters of Humane Research Australia (HRA), a non-profit organisation that challenges the use of animals in experiments and promotes the use of more humane and scientifically valid non-animal methods of research.

To explore their colourful range of nail polishes click here.

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