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Enhance Your Natural Beauty With ‘Skinimalism’

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With ‘Skinimalism’

Taking care of your skin can sometimes be overwhelming with the enormous range of products available. Beauty influencers are constantly recommending the next skincare item that will clear up your acne, or the most full-coverage foundation that will cover all your blemishes. But is trying a new cleanser every two weeks really the best thing for your skin? In 2021 it’s all about practicing ‘skinimalism’ by embracing the minimal in order to maximise natural beauty.

‘Skinimalism’ celebrates your natural skin by letting it shine through, regardless of imperfections. Gone are the days of heavy layers of makeup which made you feel like you were wearing a mask. Give your skin the room to breathe by using the essential skincare products and focusing more on natural makeup.

Your Skin

So many of us go to great lengths to hide our blemishes with the latest makeup products, but now it’s finally time to show your skin. Like the no-makeup-makeup trend, ‘skinimalism’ promotes products that work to enhance your beauty, not cover it up.

One of the most important aspects of both ‘skinimalism’ and skincare in general, is sunscreen. The benefits of sunscreen have been talked about all over the internet, as people are cluing in to how crucial it is in protecting your skin and preventing it from prematurely aging.

Another product breaking onto the makeup scene are skin tints. These light-weight foundations work to even skin tone and blur your skin, without covering it up. The products are so easy to use, you can simply apply it with your fingers for a natural finish.

Glowing skin is also a trend to explore this year and many brands are helping you achieve this with products that give you a natural glow, plumping the skin for a youthful and healthy look.

Keep It Simple

Building a skincare routine can often be confusing, with so many ingredients that all promise to do different things. You can streamline the process and create a simple but effective method to uncomplicate your skincare routine.

A cleanser is a crucial step in taking care of your skin. It clears away all the dirt and impurities after a long day and leaves the skin clean and ready for your next step.

Serums are a good place to follow after the skin has been cleansed. A serum will boost your skin, using active ingredients that target concerns such as dullness or breakouts.

Every skincare routine should end with a moisturiser. It works to help your skin retain moisture and fight the appearance of wrinkles.

The right skincare routine must make us feel good and refresh our skin. Pampering yourself with a soothing mask a few times a week is the perfect way to achieve this.

‘Skinimalism’ In Practice

Investing in your skin is so important, as the wrong products can be too harsh and produce negative effects. But, by buying the right products, you can feel confident in your skin and be the best version of yourself. Give your skin a break by adopting ‘skinimalism’ and show your natural beauty, with products that will enhance, not hide.

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