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Foundation, BB Cream And CC Cream: What’s Right For You?

Foundation, BB Cream And CC Cream: What’s Right For You?

When looking for a base for your makeup, there are a sea of options that can make choosing what’s right for you overwhelming. Typically, there are three main products you can use, foundation, BB cream and CC cream. They all offer different finishes, coverage and benefits. To help make this choice a little bit easier, read on for an explanation of each of these products and to discover what will work best for your makeup and skin needs.


Foundation has long been the staple of most makeup routines and for a good reason. You can find the biggest selection of shades in foundation with many cosmetic companies striving to be more inclusive by expanding their range to match all skin tones. When using foundation, you can choose what finish you want, whether that be dewy, matte, satin or luminous. It is best to find a finish that complements your skin type as this will make sure you are getting the most out of your foundation to give you that flawless look. There are also different levels of coverage, light, medium and full. This depends on what you want your skin and makeup to look like.

The main benefit of foundation is its ability to cover more intense forms of blemishes and acne. It has the ability to provide full and even coverage without making your skin look cakey or heavy. If you’re looking for an airbrushed finish that will last all day, then foundation is the perfect option. But if you’re drawn to the no makeup look, then BB and CC cream might be for you. They offer a lighter feel for those days when you want your skin to shine through.

BB Cream

BB cream combines the benefits of makeup and skincare into one product that gives you a natural skin look with its sheer coverage and hydrating formula. Standing for beauty balm or blemish balm, BB cream is perfect for everyday use as it does the work of multiple beauty products such as a primer, sunscreen, and tinted moisturiser. With a lighter coverage, BB cream is best for concealing minor redness and blemishes for days when you are feeling good in your skin and only want slight correction and tint.

BB creams are great to wear on their own for a simple, glowy look that takes minimal effort. If you’ve only got five minutes before you have to run out the door, apply a quick layer of BB cream and you’ll be set for the rest of the day.

CC Cream

CC cream, or colour correcting cream, provides more coverage than BB cream as it works to cover redness, acne and hyperpigmentation. Using a CC cream can add radiance to the skin on those days when your face looks and feels dull.

CC cream can also act as a great colour correcting primer under your foundation if you’re looking for more coverage. Colour correcting makeup uses complementary colours to cancel out skin discolouration. You can use green tinted products to cancel out redness on the skin. By applying a CC cream as its own colour corrector, you can minimise the number of products you are putting on your skin which can help with avoiding breakouts.

What’s Right for You?

Now that you know the difference between foundation, BB cream and CC cream, there are some other factors to consider so that you use what is best for your skin.

Although there are some foundations that are formulated for acne prone skin, sometimes the best thing you can do is to let it breathe. Due to the fuller coverage of foundation, it tends to sit heavy on the skin which can block pores and lead to breakouts. But if you’re looking for sheer and minimal coverage, BB and CC creams are the way to go. BB creams are best for dry skin due to its hydrating properties. People with dry skin should avoid matte finishes as it tends to accentuate dryness and texture. If you have oily skin, then CC cream is a good option as it has a more matte finish which can combat oil production throughout the day. Combining oily skin with hydrating formulas can leave you looking sweaty by the end of the day.

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