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Get Healthy Hair At Home

Get Healthy Hair At Home

It’s time to give your hair a little TLC. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to maintain and improve your hair from the comfort of your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to improve your hair’s health and a list of our favourite products that will give you luscious and shiny locks.

What Are You Waiting For?

Having to wait 2-3 months for the results of miracle hair products can be extremely frustrating. That’s why we’ve found 5 habits you can do right now and incorporate into your hair care routine that will produce real outcomes.

Drink Water

Just as a plant needs water to grow, so does your hair! Aside from the long list of benefits that drinking water has for your health, getting in your 8 litres a day also helps keep your hair strong, healthy and hydrated.

Give Yourself A Scalp Massage

If you’re looking for something to do right this second, why not give a scalp massage a go. It may seem strange at first, but it actually has huge benefits for the health of your hair. It improves blood circulation which stimulates the cells and can help hair growth. It’s also a great step to add to your current self-care routine, there’s nothing more relaxing than a massage!

Let Your Hair Air Dry

It is common knowledge that using heat styling tools on your hair can be damaging, especially without heat protectant, but that also includes blow drying. We recommend letting your hair air dry whenever possible and taming your frizz with serums or other styling products.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Although it might be tempting, make sure you do not brush wet hair. When your hair is wet, it is three times more vulnerable to breakage which means it should be treated very gently. If you really need to, you can use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair but try not to rake it through, spend the extra time to protect your hair.

Get Back to Healthy Hair With These Products

Dry Shampoo

Although it may be hard to compromise on your strict hair washing schedule, we recommend that you wash your hair as infrequently as you can handle. But if you don’t want to suffer with greasy hair in-between washes, you should invest in a dry shampoo. They are perfect for keeping your hair fresh and oil-free.

ELEVEN Australia Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo 200ml 

Cleanse and refresh hair with Eleven Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo. This quick-fix spray is ideal for extending time between washes, refreshing hair after the gym or just to absorb excess oils on the roots.

Hair Mask

Just as a face mask works to nourish and hydrate your skin, a hair mask works in a similar way to condition and improve the health of your hair. Hair masks can give you shinier, softer hair, reduce hair breakage and damage, reduce frizz and promote stronger hair. If any of these sound like something you’d like, then it’s time to get yourself a hair mask.

Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque 200ml

Treat your hair to the very best, without leaving home! Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque provides your hair with salon-worthy shine, strength, and softness. The Young Again Masque is a must-have for hair that lacks lustre, shine, and hydration. 

Hair Brush

Brushing your hair guides the natural oils from the scalp to the harder to reach and naturally dryer areas at the ends. But remember, you should be very gentle when brushing your hair, especially with your scalp.

EcoTools Smoothing Detangler

The EcoTools Smoothing Detangler glides through tangles in a breeze! This brush is also great for blow drying your hair as it dries the hair 20% faster due to its aerodynamic ecovent design. Less time drying allows for less heat damage and quicker prep time!


Hair ties are an easy hair accessory that are great to use for styling second-day hair. With your hair up in a ponytail or bun, no one will know you’re a few days past washing. But you have to be cautious as hair ties could be affecting the health of your hair. If they are too tight, hair ties can cause damage and breakage, therefore you should opt for a scrunchie. They are so much gentler on your hair and are perfect for adding a bit of colour to your look.

Silky Scrunchies - Pink, White and Rose Gold

These cute pink toned scrunchies are made from peace silk which gives you the luxurious silk look and feel while being cruelty free. They are designed to complement every hair style.

Hair Vitamins

The world of vitamins is very large which is why it’s probably not surprising that there are vitamins out there that can promote healthy hair and actually help it grow. Just like any other part of your body, hair needs a variety of nutrients to look and feel its best.

Kynd Glow - Hair, Skin & Nails 30s

This Kynd Glow vitamin not only supports hair health, but also nail strength and thickness, skin health and collagen production. It has been formulated based on scientific evidence and combines six active ingredients to help support hair health, strength and thickness.

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