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Discover Our Top 10 Picks For Holiday Gifting

Discover Our Top 10 Picks For Holiday Gifting

We’ve finally made it to the holiday season which means gifting is now a top priority. Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be quite difficult. But with Christmas coming soon it’s time to start ticking people off your list.

To help get started, we’ve asked our trusted staff to tell us their go-to gifts they recommend.

1.  The Unnamed Hydrating & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask 

What: The Unnamed Hydrating & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask

Who: Natalie, Digital Marketing Manager

Why we recommend it:

This moisture-boosting sheet mask is perfect for treating dry, tired skin to make it look dewy, plumped and replenished. Who wouldn’t want that! We think it’s a great gift for the skincare lover on your list this year.

“I just love this face mask. It’s also a great gift idea for that person you want to get them a little something, which is a bit special but doesn’t cost too much.”

2.  Salt and Rainbows Full Moon Crystal Candle

What: Salt and Rainbows Full Moon Crystal Candle

Who: Laura Dundovic, Beautifully Healthy Ambassador

Why we recommend it:

The Salt and Rainbows Full Moon Crystal Candle is a new twist on a classic gift. Candles have always been a great present for the holiday season which makes this crystal infused candle the perfect gift.

"A Salt and Crystal Rainbow candle is on my lust list. I've heard they smell amazing and they are so unique. Great idea for someone who you aren't sure of what to get."

3.  In Essence 360 Diffuser

What: In Essence 360 Diffuser

Who: Laura Dundovic, Beautifully Healthy Ambassador

Why we recommend it:

Diffusers have been a big trend this year as making your home into a sanctuary has become essential. Why not gift someone this experience with the In Essence 360 Diffuser so they can fill their home with soothing scents. 

“I just got mine! I love diffusers but never like the look of them on the bedside table so I love how chic this one is! I put mine on to fall asleep.” 

4.  INIKA 12 Days of Beauty 2021

What: INIKA 12 Days of Beauty 2021

Who: Chloe, Beauty Category Manager

Why we recommend it:

Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? This Inika 12 days of beauty set features a dozen of their most luxurious and sought-after products, catering to your whole beauty routine. 

“Both, great for myself if I want to try different Inika products and value for money or someone else if you know a beauty guru or someone that needs a good pampering.” ​

5.  Charles + Lee Mr High Maintenance

What: Charles + Lee Mr High Maintenance

Who: Calhoun, Customer Service

Why we recommend it:

Let’s face it, buying for men can be very difficult, especially for those who don’t give you any hints on what they want. But the Charles + Lee Mr High Maintenance kit has everything he needs to create an easy skincare routine. Who doesn't want the gift of clear skin this Christmas?

“It contains everything I need to keep my skin feeling soft and looking young, plus you get a great little toiletry bag for an absolute bargain​."

6.  Beautifully Healthy Weighted Blanket

What: Beautifully Healthy Weighted Blanket

Who: Laura Dundovic, Beautifully Healthy Ambassador

Why we recommend it:

A weighted blanket makes the perfect present as people won’t always get it for themselves, but will fall in love when it’s a gifted to them. The Beautifully Healthy weighted blanket creates a comforting weight that will relax your body and help you drift easily into sleep.  

“Life changing! My best friends Nat and Bec bought this for me for my Birthday this year and now I get what all the fuss is about.” 

7.  who is elijah Her|Her

What: who is elijah Her|Her

Who: Tayah, E-Commerce Coordinator

Why we recommend it:

There’s nothing like finding a signature scent and falling in love with a new perfume. The who is Elijah Her|Her fragrance has both a refreshing and nostalgic scent which is guaranteed to please the women on your list. 

“Whether it’s for your bestie, sister or mother in-law, this fragrance ticks all of the boxes and has the perfect balance between citrus and florals​.”

8.  The Jojoba Company Ultimate Duo

What: The Jojoba Company Ultimate Duo

Who: Caitlin, Digital Content Coordinator

Why we recommend it:

The Jojoba Company have the perfect gifting sets that takes affordable but luxurious skincare to the next level. The Ultimate Duo features a perfectly paired serum and facial oil guaranteed to please any skincare lover. 

"I can't go past gifting the Jojoba Company's Ultimate Duo pack for my friendship group Kris Kringle this year. The Youth Potion and Ultimate Serum are great all-rounders for hydrating and plumping the skin. Plus, can't forget the lush packaging, the hard job of gift wrapping is already done for you!"​

9.  Joco Reusable Glass Active Flask Mood

What: Joco Reusable Glass Active Flask Mood

Who: Grace, Marketing Assistant

Why we recommend it:

This reusable drink bottle is an everyday essential and makes the perfect gift for your eco-conscious friends and family members. It’s extremely durable and ideal for keeping up your hydration.

“I love buying sustainable products whenever I can and that includes for gifts as well. The Jose Reusable Flask is the perfect on the go drink bottle that not only looks sleek but saves you from buying plastic water bottles, it’s a win-win!”

10.  Mermade Hair Pro WaverKevin Murphy Heated Defense

What: Mermade Hair Pro WaverKevin Murphy Heated Defense

Who: Yulin, Head of Category Marketing

Why we recommend it:

Hair styling tools are a great way to treat someone for Christmas. This Marmade Waver is an easy-to-use triple barrel waver for the mermaid hair of your dreams. When gifting a heat tool, it's a great idea to also get them a product that will protect their hair which is where the Kevin Murphy Heated Defense comes in!

"For my bestie, I am gifting beautiful, healthy locks with Mermade Hair Pro Waver to create bouncy, long-lasting waves with a Kevin Murphy heat protectant, that is weightless while still moisturising the hair. A winning pair to treat my loved one!"

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