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Healthy Convo with Allira Potter

Healthy Convo with Allira Potter

Today I welcome the beautiful, Allira Potter to the show - Manifestation and Spiritual Coach, Healer, Psychic and author who is a passionate advocate for body positivity and self love.A proud Yorta Yorta woman, Allira's work embraces and honours indigenous culture and practices. Her work aims to debunk the wellness space by creating awareness for abogional culture and empowering greater diversity throughout the wellness community.

Rising to online fame after the Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020, Allira was the girl everyone wanted to know. Working and aligning with brands such as The Body Shop, Cotton On Body and Business Chicks, Allira describes herself as a 'sassy, psychic witchy sister'.

Wise, witty, deeply passionate and incredibly inspiring Allira is a breath of fresh air when it comes to conversations and topics that can be described as 'woo woo'.

Today we chat about manifestation, incorporating culture into spiritual practices, the importance of creating boundaries and her new book Wild and Witchy.

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