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Healthy Convo with Pia Whitesell

Healthy Convo with Pia Whitesell

To kick off 2022, I could not be more thrilled and excited to be joined by model, actress, mother and founder of Macabalm, Pia Whitesell. Recently relocated to the United States with her two sons to be with her now husband, Patrick Whitesell, Pia launched Macabalm in 2020 after many years seeing a gap in the market for a 100% natural, organic certified multi purpose balm.

Commonly known for her role as Kat Chapman on Home and Away, Pia sheds light on the experience and the lessons the came from being on one of our countries most adored TV shows, while also opening up about motherhood, her new life in LA and the process of launching her very first product, Macabalm.

Graceful and kind, Pia's energy is incredibly warm and gentle. Chatting to me from Malibu, California it was evident Pia is living from a place of true happiness, love and gratitude.

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