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Is The Beauty Fridge Worth The Hype? We Sure Think So!

Is The Beauty Fridge Worth The Hype? We Sure Think So!

Are you looking to revolutionise your skincare storage? Want to experience luxury at your fingertips? Then the Beauty Fridge is for you!

It’s an innovative, new way of storing your skincare that not only gives you more space but can also extend product shelf life and reduce bacteria growth.

If you're new to this whole world of beauty fridges, don't worry. We're here to break down everything you need to know about your next skincare must have.

What Is A Beauty Fridge? 

With both hot and cold settings, a beauty fridge is designed to adjust to your skincare’s temperament, allowing you to personalise your experience to suit your needs.

You might be asking, “why can’t I just put my skincare products in my kitchen fridge?” Well these two fridges are not interchangeable. A beauty fridge operates at a higher temperature which makes it optimal for the active ingredients in skincare and beauty products.

Benefits Of A Beauty Fridge?

There are many benefits to the beauty fridge other than it being the perfect aesthetic addition to amp up your vanity set up. These include:

  • Extending shelf life of products

  • Reducing harmful bacteria from becoming present 

  • Helping calm and de-puff skin

  • Reducing oiliness and easing acne

  • Providing a soothing effect on skin

For those with red and irritated skin, you know the relief that a cold product can bring to your skin and the soothing qualities it provides. With your beauty fridge, you can keep your facial rollers, face masks, face mists and other calming products at the perfectly cool temperate to give you that sweet relief. It's the perfect addition to your self-care regime with soothing face masks and refreshingly cold facial tools.

A beauty fridge is also a great storage solution. It can free up some much-needed bench space and make your bathroom feel less cluttered. Not only is the beauty fridge super aesthetic, coming in an array of colours, but it’s also a functional organiser. It’s a win win situation!

What Can I Put In My Beauty Fridge?

There are many things you can store in your beauty fridge but knowing which products thrive in what temperature is important. For the cold setting you can store skincare (except for oils), facial tools, like a roller and gua sha, perfume and nail polish. For the hot setting you can enjoy the luxury of a warm facial towel and can store essential oils, wax strips and hair masks.

So, what are you waiting for? There's no better time than now to elevate your beauty and skincare routine with a beauty fridge.

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