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Primer and Setting Spray 101

Primer and Setting Spray 101

Even the most experienced makeup junkie can get a little confused by all the setting sprays and primers on the market.

How do you know which one will keep you looking flawless all day long? And what primer will work best for your skin type?

We’ve put together a little cheat sheet to help you pick a product that works best for you, so your perfectly blended crease and sharp wing will stay fresh as you dance the night away.

How To Pick A Primer

To pick your perfect match you need to know what your skin type is.

Different primers can drastically affect the finished look of your makeup - so whether you’re naturally oily, or you have dry skin, knowing what you’re working with is the most important step.

Oily Skin?

You’ll need a primer that has oil control, this will keep your makeup in place and will stop your natural oil production from washing away your efforts. Look for a more heavy-duty type of primer, the type that leaves you with a matte finish. Oily skin beauties tend to have larger pores, so look for a primer that boasts pore-minimising results, this will leave you with a flawless finish.

Here are our top picks for you:

Alima Pure Smooth And Prime 

Alima Pure Smooth + Prime


This primer is perfect for an oilier complexion as it creates a long-lasting base on your skin, giving you a shine-free finish.

Inika Organic Matte Perfection Primer

We love this one because it’s both lightweight and has oil-absorbing properties. Fantastic at giving your pores a smaller appearance, the bonus addition of plant extracts will keep your skin hydrated and glowing, ideal for that daytime summer look.

Dry Skin?

If your skin is prone to becoming rough and flaky, you’ll need to look for a primer that has hydrating properties.

Dry skin babes will know that sometimes foundation does more harm than good, emphasising any dull or dry patches giving your makeup an uneven end result. By using a hydrating primer you're giving your foundation a great base to work with, helping maintain a dewy glow and adding a little radiance to your makeup.

Here are our top picks for you:

Crop Natural Radiant Glow Primer

Crop Natural Radiant Glow Primer 30ml


We love the nurturing natural ingredients in this game-changing primer. Packed with some of Mother Nature’s finest such as rose flower water, macadamia oil, and jojoba oil, this primer is like a big glass of water for your skin. Great for heavier makeup looks that’ll need an ultra-hydrating base.

MCoBeauty Hydrating Face Primer

MCoBeauty Hydrating Face Primer

Light-weight, oil-free, and filled with hydrating properties, this primer is fantastic for anybody who suffers from flakey and dull skin. We love this one especially for those days where you need your makeup to stay put, giving you a radiant base that’ll have you glowing for hours and hours.

Sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you know that pain of trying to cover red irritation with foundation.

You’ll need to look out for a primer that soothes your skin, and if your redness is a huge concern, go for primers that have a green tone evening out the skin tone.

Our top pick:

Innoxa Anti Redness Primer 

Innoxa Anti-Redness Primer 30ml


The Holy Grail for anybody with sensitive, irritable skin. Made with licorice root extract that calms and soothes the skin, it also reduces that pesky redness that you know oh too well. Your new go-to primer also contains chamomile extract and vitamin E that protects and soothes your skin.

The Innoxa provides a wonderful base that’ll not only protect your skin from any harsh makeup but will also give you an even tone that will last all day.

How To Pick A Setting Spray

To pick a setting spray that works for you, you need to be clear on what you want. Do you want to have a matte finish? Or are you after a dewy glow? Do you want a scented setting spray? Or are you prioritising hydration?

Once you know what you’re looking for it’s easy to pick out a setting spray that will get the job done while also helping you achieve your makeup goals.

Here are some of our top picks and why we love them!

Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting spray


Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray 100 ml


Why We Love It?

Firstly, it’s going to keep that eye-catching highlighter in place all day or night, no matter how much dancing you do. Secondly, it’s lightweight, oil-free, and suitable for all skin types.

L’oreal Infallible Magic Setting Spray

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Magic Setting Spray 100ml


Why We Love It?

Boasting an impressive last time of 16 hours, this setting spray is a must for your next big night out. This one is great for all skin types but particularly effective for anyone with oily skin. Giving a matte finish, this magic setting spray controls oil and leaves you with a flawless finish for longer.

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