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Take Control Of Your Skin With Intuitive Beauty

Take Control Of Your Skin With Intuitive Beauty

For many people, completing a skincare routine has become a habitual practice that needs little thought. The steps are always in the same order, using the same products but not always producing the same results. What if there was another way you could treat your skin that uses products depending on what your skin needs on a day-to-day basis. This is called intuitive beauty and it has captured the skincare world’s attention with its success, encouraging people to listen to their body and reject the one-size-fits all routine.

How Does It Work?

Intuitive beauty does not follow a strict regime, rather it involves listening to the body and looking at your skin in order to treat it directly. If you wake up one morning with dry skin, you should use a product containing oil to rehydrate. If you notice a breakout coming on you can take pre-emptive measures to stop it getting worse. You are the only one who knows how your skin behaves and what it needs on any given day.

Intuitive beauty also utilises information about acne placement on the face. You can learn a lot about your acne simply by its whereabouts on your skin. For example, if you find yourself getting breakouts around your jawline and chin it is most likely hormonal. Or if you notice blemishes near your hairline and at the edges of your face, it could be that your hair products are clogging your pores. It is also important to pay attention to your diet as it has a significant impact on the state of your skin. Acne on the forehead and nose can often be an indicator of poor diet. By eating foods that make you feel good on the inside it will reflect how you look and feel on the outside and help you stay on top of your breakouts.

What Are The Benefits?

Intuitive beauty allows you to combat product reliance as you should not feel worried that your skin is going to breakout if you don’t use a certain cream or serum every day. By practicing intuitive beauty, you are able to break this dependency. Because you are changing what products you use daily to address your skin issues, you are preventing your skin from becoming reliant on specific items. 

Although it might seem scary to completely abandon a routine you have spent months or maybe even years cultivating, you are still able to use your favourite products but now with better results. Intuitive beauty gives you the flexibility to try out new things and figure out what works best for your skin and its needs.

The skin is an ever-changing organ; one day you could wake up with a dull complexion and want help brightening your skin. Another day could bring a breakout which requires different products to help get rid of it. With intuitive beauty, you gain the freedom to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. It focuses more on a rotation of products rather than a concrete routine. This way, as your skin continues to change, you are equipped with the tools to treat it instead of persisting with products that might be doing more harm than good.

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