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What Is The Curly Girl Method?

What Is The Curly Girl Method?

You’ve probably heard about The Curly Girl Method everywhere, from TikTok trends to Instagram, to beauty blogs all around the world, the curly girl method has become an incredibly popular hair care routine over the past few years.

We’ve broken down the ins and outs of the method, what you need to do it properly, and the logic behind it all.


Okay, So What Is The Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method (or CGM) is a popular approach to hair care, designed especially for people who have naturally curly hair, or hair that is textured and wavy. It was first introduced by hair stylist Lorraine Massy in her book, Curly Girl: The Handbook.

Curly hair is naturally prone to more dryness and frizziness, so the main aim of the CGM is to make sure the hair is always hydrated and healthy, giving you those enviable, bouncy, shiny curls. Hydration is the biggest goal of the method, and there are several rules put in place that help keep the moisture in your locks, giving you mermaid-level #hairgoals.


What Are The Rules?

  • Go sulphate free! Lots of common hair products can contain harsh chemicals that can wreak havoc on your curls. Plenty of shampoos contain detergents and cleaning agents (called sulphates) that assist in cleaning away dirt and grease from the hair and scalp. Unfortunately, they also disrupt the natural state of your hair cuticle, causing dryness and a frizzy appearance. They can also strip away natural oils in your hair, stopping your locks from looking their healthiest. Make sure you look for products that are sulphate free if you want to maintain those bouncy, beautiful curls.
  • Avoid alcohol and parabens in your hair care products. Similar to sulphates, these ingredients can steal the hydration from your hair - eventually, leaving it feeling dry and limp. Though some of these ingredients can initially make your hair feel shiny and soft, it’s just a mask hiding the damage, not a reliable fix. Avoiding these ingredients will ensure that your hair will be much healthier in the long run.
  • No more heat! As convenient as blow-drying, straightening, and curling wands can be, they can also cause some pretty big damage to your hair, especially to curly locks. If you must dry your hair with heat, The Curly Girl method suggests using the lowest heat setting on your hairdryer with a diffuser attached. Drying naturally, however, is preferred! And, before you reach for the towel, not so fast. Try drying your hair in a cotton T-shirt instead! This reduces the frizz and allows your hair to dry without the knots or damage that thick towels often cause.
  • Less (or no!) shampoo. Don’t be scared. After time your hair will adapt to being washed less, and you’ll have less greasy and much healthier hair. If you really don’t want to give up the shampoo, try the low-poo method instead! Washing your hair with shampoo occasionally can help get rid of any buildup in your locks - just make sure that you're using products free from any silicons, parabens, or drying alcohols.

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