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4 Ways Music Can Improve Your Workout

4 Ways Music Can Improve Your Workout

Ever wonder why your workout always seems to go better when you’re listening to music? Is there a reason a workout is more appealing once you’ve put your headphones on? 

Well research shows that there are a wide range of benefits to listening to music while working out. Not only does it make the experience more enjoyable and less boring, it can help improve your performance and the quality of your workout.  

Read on for 4 ways music can motivate you on your next workout.

Helps You Keep Pace

Have you ever seen playlists created to certain BPM? This allows you to keep pace with the tempo of your music when running, cycling, or doing a HIIT workout. Music creates a rhythm your body naturally follows and you can synchronise your movements too.

This can be an extremely motivating technique as it allows your mind to focus on your movements and the beat, rather than how hard the workout is. It's a very satisfying process to be completely in sync with your body and your favourite songs.

Elevates Mood

When working out, do you ever get an extra push when one of your favourite songs comes on? Does listening to your favourite songs put you in a good mood? Of course they do! And working out when you’re in a good mood is going to motivate you to make it a good one and push through tiredness.

Provides A Distraction

When you're in the middle of a hard workout and your muscles are hurting and you’re wanting to quit, music can be just the distraction you need. Instead of dwelling on your negative physical feelings, you can focus on your music, which can motivate you to keep going just a little bit longer

So put your favourite playlist on shuffle and escape into your music and before you know it your workout will be over.

Reduces Fatigue

Just as music provides a distraction to your workouts, it also allows you to push through fatigue and focus on what you’re listening to rather than pain. It’s a great way to increase your endurance and up the quality of your workouts. You might find you can push yourself just a little bit harder if you’ve got the right music on.


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