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Find Out What Supplements Laura Dundovic Takes Every Morning

Find Out What Supplements Laura Dundovic Takes Every Morning

Laura Dundovic takes us through her morning shots which she says are "best served with a dance." Read on to find out what products she uses to start her day off right!

Magnesium Critrate–Herbs of Gold Magnesium Citrate 900

This is needed for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body. I take it for its anti-inflammatory properties (I have an autoimmune disease) and as a muscle relaxant. I like the Herbs of Gold one as it isn't a sleep one so it's fine to take in the morning. Magnesium is also great for your metabolism.

Fish Oil–Bioglan Red Krill

I don't eat seafood so it's so important I take this for my cardiovascular and heart health. I've seen a massive improvement in my skin and hair since taking it regularly. I love the Bioglan as they are double strength and odourless.

Greens–Frank Simple Greens Powder

I can't get enough of the Frank Simple Greens. I either have it straight or mix it in a smoothie. I take this for immune and stress support and for slow releasing energy.

Collagen–Kissed Earth Brilliance Pineapple Coconut Collagen

At the moment I am loving the Kissed Earth powder. It's not only great for hair and nail growth and skin, but also balancing your hormones and healing your gut.

Pre Workout–Nutra Organics Clean Energy Raspberry Lemonade Powder

Natural is always best so I love Nutra Organics Clean Energy. I take it before training to enhance it and for my metabolism.

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