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How Stay Motivated When Starting A Fitness Routine

How Stay Motivated When Starting A Fitness Routine

We’ve all made grand plans to get serious and start a fitness routine. And sure, it’s easy to start but sticking with regular exercise can be a real challenge, which is why it’s important to find ways to stay motivated.

There are many tips and tricks you can incorporate into your workouts that can motivate you to turn your fitness aspirations into a reality and prevent your routine from fizzling out after only a few weeks.

Find an activity you enjoy

Working out should never be a chore or something you dread doing every day. If done right, it should be something that you look forward to and gives you energy.

Choosing how you want to exercise should also not be dependent on what’s the trendiest workout of the moment or the most popular. In order to stay motivated and have a regular exercise routine, find activities that you enjoy. If you’re having fun then it’s much more likely that you will stick with your exercises and hopefully turn it into a long-term habit.  

Fuel your body

Starting a fitness routine can sometimes be tiring on your body. If you have not done much physical activity before now, it’s important to give your body the tools it needs to thrive and perform at its best. This could mean taking supplements that help you through your workouts and also aid in recovery. The Musashi High Protein Chocolate Milkshake is a versatile protein supplement that helps in muscle recovery and is perfect as a post-exercise shake. You can also help boost your energy for exercise with protein bars. The Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whipped Salted Caramel Bars are pro-active nutrition bars that help shape your body from the inside out.

Switch it up to keep it interesting

The monotony of going for the same run every week or following the same routine at the gym everyday doesn’t entice you to keep your exercise commitment. But by switching up what exercises you do and trying new workout classes, it allows  you to engage in your fitness journey and prevents you from getting bored.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and venture outside of your comfort zone. We know it can be scary to try something you’ve never done before, but any movement is good movement. And who knows, you could discover a new favourite way to workout in the process.

Do it for yourself

Sticking to a consistent exercise routine can often hinge on your motivations. If your only reason for exercising is to change your appearance, you might find yourself becoming too obsessed with visible results. If you fall short on your own expectations, it can be really discouraging. But if you focus on a general message of betterment and enjoy your workouts regardless of how they make you look, it can set you up for a healthy relationship with fitness and your body.

Support your health

Motivation can also come from how you are feeling after exercise. If you're finding the recovery period is making you dread your next workout then you might benefit from taking vitamins that can help with energy levels and muscle recovery. The Pillar Performance Ultra B Active Peak Performance tablets are a high strength activated Vitamin B formulation that helps to promote energy levels, relieve fatigue while supporting healthy stress responses, working to metabolise carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Keep track and set goals

Keeping track of your fitness and setting goals are two very important parts of engaging with your workouts. Recording your progress can be extremely rewarding and a great way to focus on improvement in your fitness rather than on changes to your body. This can be done using fitness trackers such as watches and your phone. Or even just writing your stats down in a notebook is a great way to keep track and stay motivated.

When setting goals, it is best to keep them realistic. Although it is important to set goals that encourage you to strive towards an accomplishment, having goals that are outside of your capabilities can set you up for failure and be very discouraging, especially for people who are just starting out. Try starting with some short term goals such as workout three times a week or go for a ten minute walk in the mornings. Just simple goals that get your body moving can be very helpful.

Celebrate and reward yourself

Once you’ve set realistic and healthy goals, you can then keep yourself motivated by celebrating when you reach these goals. Rewarding yourself for running that extra kilometre or trying a new workout class can help you savour the good feelings you get from moving your body and help you reflect on what you’ve accomplished.

A fitting reward could be new equipment that will make your workouts more successful. Why not invest in some quality weights such as these Ybells which are perfect for first time exercisers to elite athletes. Or maybe some much need recovery products. Reward your body with a soothing soak in a bath filled with Ice Salts Magnesium Muscle Recovery. Check out our full range of fitness equipment here.

You deserve to celebrate even the smallest of wins.

You don't have to do it alone

Having outside support can be crucial in sticking with exercise. Sharing your journey with friends and family can help keep you motivated as their encouragement pushes you to keep going. Just knowing you have people who are proud of what you're doing can keep you accountable.

Also, asking your support network to join in is a great way to stay motivated as it can make your workouts more enjoyable with someone to share it with.

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