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How To Keep Your House Clean And Free Of Germs

How To Keep Your House Clean And Free Of Germs

We know that at the moment, keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy is a top priority.

Protection begins at home so it is essential to keep your house as germ-free as possible. We’ve got some tips on how to do this and make life as hard as possible for the flu, or any germs, to take root. 


When it comes to washing sheets and towels, it is best to do this once a week in hot water and more often if you or someone else in your household is sick. With regular washing you are preventing bacteria from breeding within dirty bed linens and towels.

Not only do you need to keep on top of laundry, you also can’t forget about your washing machine. You may think it is one of the cleanest areas of your home but it can actually hold bacteria and viruses transferred from dirty laundry. To keep your machine fresh, you can run your washer empty with the CHANGE Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets. The powerful formula removes sediments of dirt and detergent residue, eliminating any bad smells.

Home office

It is important to not forget about cleaning your home office, desk and other electronics you use daily. Disinfect desktops and keyboards weekly by wiping them down and you can also use a small vacuum to collect any food or other unwanted things from your computer keyboard.

MediChoice Anti-Bacterial Wipes are suitable for many surfaces such as tables, desks and phones, killing 99.99% of germs.

High-touch surfaces

There are many areas in the home which are considered high-touch surfaces, such as remotes, light switches, door handles and coffee tables. These surfaces can easily transfer bacteria as they are often interacted with but neglected in the cleaning process.

When cleaning a surface, there is a difference between getting rid of dirt and killing bacteria. To properly disinfect something you need a disinfectant product such as the MediSOL spray. It’s a hospital grade disinfectant surface spray tested and effective to kill viruses.


Although you might not always feel like it, you need to clean your kitchen counters every day after you prepare food. This helps keep your counters germ-free and gives you a clean surface to work on the next time you cook.

You also want to scrub your sink everyday as it can hold bacteria from raw meats and other foods. You want to kill this bacteria before it can flourish and grow with the Earthwise Cream Scourer which is an effective, yet gentle household surface cleaner.


There are many areas in your bathroom that need to be made germ-free, from the toilet seat to your toothbrush. A good overall rule for the toilet is to keep the lid down when you flush and basically whenever you are not using or cleaning it. This prevents bacteria and germ-infected water from landing on other surfaces in your bathroom.

Cut through dirt, soap scum and hard water spots, while being kind to bathroom surfaces with this plant-based bathroom and shower cleaner from Ecostore.

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