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Support Your Child's Immunity This Back-To-School Season

Support Your Child's Immunity This Back-To-School Season

As kids head back for another school year, concerns over germs and viruses are leading parents to have a greater focus on their child's immune system.

Ensuring your child has a well functioning immunity prepared to deal with a school environment involves implementing a combination of lifestyle habits. 

We collected 5 ways you can give your child’s immunity a little extra help for back-to-school season.

  1. Get A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is a pillar of a healthy and happy child as it not only helps them learn in the classroom but can also make them less likely to get sick. As you sleep, your body actually releases compounds that help fight infection.

Getting adequate sleep can also lower stress and improve mental health which both have a positive effect on your immune system. Plus, making sure your child is well rested stops them from being cranky, a much-appreciated bonus.

To help your child wind down in the evening, try reading them a book or going on an outdoor stroll. It is crucial to have a nurturing environment for sleep which means a comfortable temperature and the right amount of light. Try also to limit screen time before bed as it can inhibit restorative and restful sleep.

  1. Encourage Proper Hygiene Habits

When it comes to hygiene, it’s smart to get your kids in the habit when they are young so you can ingrain these healthy practices. This is important as protecting your child from illness can be done by preventing them from being exposed to infectious agents. Make sure your kids are washing their hands regularly with soap, reducing stress on your child’s immune system.

The Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Hand Wash has a gentle, plant based formula that will cleanse your child’s hands without stripping their skin of natural oils. This mild hand wash is fragrance free meaning it’s perfect for those sensitive to heavy scents.

  1. Give Your Kid A Good Gut

To promote healthy immunity, much of this relies on what you are eating as the majority of your immune system resides in your gut. For children, this means making sure they are eating food rich in nutrients such as vitamins C and E, iron and zinc. Citrus is always a good option when looking for vitamin C and for zinc you should reach for nuts and seeds as well as meat and fish.

Introducing foods high in prebiotics and probiotics can also help your child’s immunity. Such foods include yogurt, oats and apples.

For an added boost to your child’s gut health, Nutra Organics have a Choc Whiz brain boosting and gut loving chocolate drink. It’s a yummy drink made with organic cacao, super berries and choc chunks for smarty pants school fuel and sweet tooth satisfaction. It contains bioavailable calcium, iron, magnesium, omega 3 DHA, prebiotics and probiotics to restore digestive health.

  1. Provide Extra Nutrients With Vitamins

If your child is struggling to obtain all the good vitamins and nutrients from food, you can consider using supplements. This is helpful if your child is a particularly fussy eater or has food restrictions.

Adding a multivitamin to your child's diet can be a good way to ensure they are receiving all the nutriments needed to boost their immunity as they head back to school.

If you’re looking for an all-round immunity supporting vitamin for your child, try the Herbs of Gold Children's Immune Care Chewable Tablets. They contains a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals to support healthy immune system function in children and fight illness. This delicious strawberry-vanilla tasting chewable tablet contains Echinacea, traditionally used in western herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of common colds and flu and relieve mild fever.

To explore our full range of children’s health vitamins, click here.

  1. Stay On Top Of Hydration 

Staying hydrated is very important for kids as it helps to regulate blood circulation, support their metabolism and most importantly facilitates the elimination of harmful toxins and substances from the body. Children can often forget to drink water so it’s a good idea to remind them and keep track of their intake.

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