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The Future Of The Period Is Sustainable

The Future Of The Period Is Sustainable

For a very long time, the market of period products was dominated by two choices, pads and tampons with little in between. But with the urgency of climate change, many of us see the necessity of sustainable products which is why you can now find a wider range of period products out there. And guess what, they’re reusable!

Nowadays the idea of single use anything turns many people off, but there are now period products you can buy that you don’t dispose of after only one use. You can purchase reusable pads, period underwear and menstrual cups with the knowledge that you are not only saving big but also making eco-conscious purchases that make a difference.

Reusable Pads

If you’re nervous about venturing into the world of sustainable period products, why not start with something familiar. Reusable pads work in the same way as disposable pads with just a few differences. The shape is the same but instead of adhesive wings you’ll usually find handy press studs to secure them to your underwear. Obviously, the biggest difference is instead of throwing it away once you are finished, reusable pads are designed to be washed and re-worn. Not only are you saving money from having to replenish your supply every month, but you can be proud that you are reducing your contribution to landfills.

The Love Luna wash & wear reusable pad is a great alternative to single-use pads. They are ideal for any period flow and great as a backup for a menstrual cup. The pad offers four layers of protection, odour control and no bulky feeling.

Period Underwear

Although it might seem strange, period underwear is quickly becoming a much loved choice for when you’re on your period. The underwear is able to absorb blood without it feeling damp or transferring to your clothes. Again, once you find a pair you like, you can save significantly in the long run as you don’t need to buy other period products. Eventually, you can get enough pairs to last your whole cycle. Period underwear is any easy solution to the waste caused by single use period products.

The Period Brief from Tom Organic is made with soft and breathable organic cotton. It has been created with a unique 4 layer leak-free system that uses the natural properties of organic cotton fabric to wick away moisture, absorb menstrual fluid and protect against stains and leaks. They are perfect for every lifestyle as they are designed to look and feel like regular underwear. 

Menstrual Cups 

Menstrual cups are a period management product reliant on the collection of blood. Once inside, these cups unfurl to collect blood and then later get removed, emptied, washed and reinserted. Although these are a great reusable option, like tampons, menstrual cups can sometimes be difficult to insert but like all things, once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go. One of these cups can last several years, imagine how much a menstrual cup can save you in that time!

No bin? No worries! Vush Let's Flow Menstrual Cup allows you to say bye to rummaging through bags or remembering to change every 4 hours. It's time to change the period game with the Vush menstrual cup, it's a soft and flexible silicone period cup that is a great alternative to pads or tampons. Made from medical grade silicone, with no BPA or latex, it is safe for up to 8 hours of use.

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