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Top 7 Ways To Boost Energy Levels When You're Tired

Top 7 Ways To Boost Energy Levels When You're Tired

Ever feel like your energy is zapped and you’re struggling to make it through the day without crawling into bed? We’ve all been there, but we’ve got some tips to help you bounce back and fight fatigue so you can conquer your day. 

Read on for our top 7 tips on how you can boost your energy levels.

1. Eat Your Energy

What you eat has a major effect on your energy. By eating a healthy and balanced diet, it ensures you consume energy-supporting vitamins from fruits, vegetables and other foods. They provide you with long-lasting, stable energy that will last you throughout the day.

You should also avoid skipping meals if you want to keep up your energy as this can make you feel run down and sluggish. You need to fuel your body with energy to keep you from feeling tired.

If you struggle to obtain sufficient energy from your diet, you can try and give yourself a boost with vitamins. The Blackmores Vitamin B12 Tablets can be taken to support energy levels as well as the Herbs of Gold Vitamin B3 which helps with energy production. Explore our full range of energy vitamins here.

2. Prioritise A Good Night’s Sleep

An obvious connection to make from having low energy is to assume you’re not getting enough sleep. It’s sometimes too easy to lose sleep at night, whether you’re staying up late because of work or binging your favourite tv show. But it’s important that you try and get a restful and restorative sleep to set you up for the day ahead. 

If you are only getting a few hours of sleep at night it can drain your energy levels, leaving you feeling grumpy, lethargic and tired for the rest of your day.

Some simple tips to improve your sleep include turning off devices an hour before bed, sticking to a regular bedtime routine and using a sleep mask to block out light. Invest in this quality sleep set from In Essence that includes a luxurious sleep mask and a lavender sleep roll-on to help you reach a deep slumber. 

3. Move Your Body

Getting more movement into your day can give you a big boost of energy, helping you tackle whatever comes your way. For people who work in an office or don’t spend a lot of time moving their body, this can cause fatigue. Exercise is a great way to give you a natural boost and leave you feeling energised. Even just standing up and walking around the room or maybe doing a few star jumps can help with tiredness.

4. Address Stressors

Ever noticed that when you’re stressed or worried about something you yawn a lot? Well anxiety affects the body physically not just mentally, it impacts the heart, respiratory system and energy levels, which leads to yawning.

Stress-induced emotions actually use up large amounts of energy, making you feel tired and drained. If you find yourself struggling to handle stress and anxiety, you should try talking to friends and family or getting professional help.

Another way to help with stress is by trying meditation or other mindful activities like yoga. Just starting out? Increase your yoga sessions with a Bodyworx Black Exercise Mat and get complete impact absorption and resistance.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Feeling tired and low on energy can be the result of mild dehydration meaning a nice glass of water could be just what you need to fight your fatigue.

Drinking an adequate amount of water each day is very important for your overall health as dehydration can have an effect on your brain function and mood as well as energy levels.

6. Stop Smoking

We are all aware how smoking threatens your health and increases the risk of many chronic conditions. Alongside these health problems, smoking can also reduce your energy levels as it effects the efficiency of your lungs, reducing the amount of oxygen transported through your body, making you feel fatigued.

If you need help quitting, we have a wide range of products that aid with nicotine addition, which you can find here

7. Limit Alcohol

If you’re trying to avoid an afternoon slump, then not consuming alcohol at lunch time is a good way to go. Alcohol can have a sedative effect making you feel relaxed and drowsy, not a great combination if you want to stay awake and keep your energy up. Therefore, it’s best to enjoy alcohol in moderation and at a time when you don’t mind your energy winding down.

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