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World Health Day 2022: Our Planet, Our Health

World Health Day 2022: Our Planet, Our Health

April 7th is World Health Day which is a globally celebrated event that reminds us to focus on our health in all its forms. Each year there is a new theme that highlights a current issue that is impacting the world in order to bring awareness and educate people about the issue. For 2022 the theme, our planet, our health, draws attention to the climate crisis and seeks to keep humans and the planet healthy.

What Is World Health Day?

World Health Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organisation in 1948. The day was seen as an opportunity to draw global attention to a topic of importance in global health each year. Some past notable themes include Healthy heart beat, Healthy blood pressure, Depression: Let's talk and 2020’s Support Nurses and Midwives.  

Our Planet, Our Health

This World Health Day is all about how our actions can keep us and the planet healthy while also focusing on well-being and bringing it to the forefront of health conversations.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the climate crisis is the single biggest health threat facing humanity with each year more than 13 million deaths around the world being attributed to avoidable environmental causes. That is why this years theme is focusing on our environment because the climate crisis is also a health crisis.

Show Your Support

To show our support to World Health Day 2022 being all about our planet, our health, we’re making sustainable choices that are not only good for our body, but care for the environment around us. Join us on this mission by exploring conscious beauty and eco home products. 

There are many brands out there that are making it easy to support the planet with sustainable and ethical production, packaging and everything in between.

Inika Organic

Are you looking for pure products that prioritise a pure planet to add to your skincare routine? Look no further than Inika Organic. This clean brand has taken a modern and organic approach that replaces standard beauty products with something naturally extraordinary. They believe it’s important to know what you are putting on your skin, which is why they pride themselves on creating 100% natural products that are effective and completely free of synthetics. Plus, they are the highest certified beauty brand worldwide.

Inika Organic are also proudly leading the way in sustainable beauty, being the first certified plastic neutral makeup brand globally with 90% of their packaging made from sustainable and reusable materials.

With a rap sheet like that, who wouldn’t want to support their company. Explore our full range of Inika Organic skincare and makeup products here.

Ever Eco

Ever Eco are passionate about making the world a better place and their goal is to inspire people to live a healthier life while raising awareness of sustainable options that are kinder to our planet. They also believe that living a low waste lifestyle shouldn't be difficult or expensive with a philosophy to choose well and make it last. 

With Ever Eco's range of lifestyle essentials, we can all replace thousands of single-use items and make little changes that can make a big difference. With a mission to make this world a better place and inspire people to live a healthier life, what’s not to love?

Support Ever Eco’s conscious efforts by exploring their products here.

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