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Healthy Convo with Deni Todorovic

Healthy Convo with Deni Todorovic

Today's soulful conversation is one I have been manifesting for quite some time now.

Have you ever felt completely drawn to someone's energy and words through your screen? Well, that's how I feel about today's guest, Deni Todorovic.

An activist, queer educator and digital content creator, Deni identifies as non-binary and gay with the pronouns they/them. Growing up in a small regional city in Victoria in an ethnic family, Deni grew up with a keen eye and love for fashion, in their early 20's Deni made the move from regional Victoria to Sydney to expand their opportunities in the fashion industry. Working at Cosmopolitan magazine it was during this time that Deni had embarked on a 12-year long journey of self-discovery.

Knowing they didn't identify with the gender binary of woman or man from an early age it wasn't until early 2020 that Deni truly resonated with and learned more about non-binary, an identity that would allow them to authentically and gracefully live between the gender binary of man and woman.

Referred to by Body Shop as a Leading Light, Deni has lived their life breaking down the barriers around gender and sexuality. Stepping into their true power and authenticity has allowed Deni to create a safe and loving environment where they can now empower and inspire others to live from a place of true self-expression, truth, and love.

I'd love you to please share this episode with your family and friends after you listen and together, let's continue the conversation and be part of the positive change this world so desperately needs.

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