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Healthy Convo with Sophie Cachia

Healthy Convo with Sophie Cachia

Today's guest is one I have been dreaming up for a while. She is a mother, entrepreneur with four incredibly successful businesses to her name including her sleepwear brand CACHIA and recently added author to her bio with the announcement of her new memoir, Then There Was Her, which topped the charts as the highest selling book on pre-sale.

After following Sophie Cachia's journey online for many years, it is clear that Sophie has an unbelievably strong work ethic, is deeply passionate, highly intelligent and, well, quite frankly, completely unstoppable in her pursuit.

An empowering light for women everywhere, whether it be in sport, business, motherhood or self acceptance in who you truly are. Sophie has had a whirlwind of a 12 months, and I am so excited to now welcome her to The Healthy Hustlers Podcast.

Today we chat about the power of intuition and how to strengthen it, why you shouldn't feel guilty for desiring more and how living from a place of authenticity helps you blossom into your best self.

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