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Purpose Driven Business with Lovekins founder Amanda Esseryđź’•

Purpose Driven Business with Lovekins founder Amanda Esseryđź’•

Today I have a very special lady joining me on the microphones for the second episode of the entrepreneur series.


Amanda Essery is the creative force and incredible mind behind my favourite, all-natural Baby and Women skincare brand, Lovekins. It was a humble beginning for Amanda who started making homemade skincare products from her kitchen bench to support her babies' eczema conditions. A 6th generation Australian Chinese, Amanda was born and raised in Darwin where she was immersed in a wholesome upbringing with clean air, freshwater, and organic food from the local farmers' markets. From this upbringing, Amanda was able to learn about the power of native, indigenous superfoods.


Going to school with Indigenous children and immersed in the indigenous community in Northern Territory Amanda has a true passion for indigenous culture, it was through this that Amanda was able to develop a beautiful knowledge of how Indigenous Australians have harnessed the power of bush extracts as food and medicine for over 60,000 years.


Combining her knowledge with her desire for low tox, healthy living for all, Lovekins was born and Amanda set out on an almighty mission to provide all Australian babies and women with natural products that would help them thrive.


Today we chat about Amanda's journey building Lovekins, the lessons, and what it truly takes to create a purpose-driven brand.

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