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5 Simple Sustainable And Conscious Swaps You Need To Try

5 Simple Sustainable And Conscious Swaps You Need To Try

Shopping sustainably from conscious brands can be overwhelming as people often view it as expensive and difficult to find. But this is not true! The market is now full of simple and easy conscious swaps you can make to help create a more sustainable world.

These swaps include using reusable items instead of single use ones and buying from brands that have fully recyclable packaging. Although it might seem scary, once you get in the habit of shopping sustainably, you’ll feel so good you’ll never want to go back.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered 5 simple swaps you can make to get you on the right path to eco-friendly living.

Swipe on sustainable deodorant

You may or may not be aware, but many deodorants can be quite harmful to the environment. Particularly spray-on deodorants as they release chemicals that contribute to air pollution. But there are options for you to combat its environmental impact by using a conscious deodorant.

The Noosa Basics Sandalwood Deodorant Stick is an organic cream stick that contains a woody masculine scent. It is all-natural and free from added aluminium and 100% effective at neutralising odour, by using Kaolin clay, Arrowroot and Bi-carb to help kill odour-causing bacteria and absorb moisture.

No compromise skincare

The skincare world is overflowing with options so that you can create a whole conscious routine. From cleansers to face masks, brands are embracing the clean beauty way and making products with the environment in mind.

LAMAV is one of those brands who are forging a new path to become as green and eco-friendly as possible. Their Firming Treatment Mask is a great conscious swap perfect for sensitive and oily skin. This bio-active rich, velvety mask visibly lifts, tones and boosts elasticity to reveal a plumper and more youthful glow. It contains Australian Red Clay and phytoceramides to help smooth skin texture and improve skin tone.

The conscious period

Many people are waking up to the idea that the future of the period is sustainable. The rise of period underwear and the menstrual cup are allowing people to say goodbye to the many single use period products that are thrown into landfill every month.

Tom Organic gives people the answer to a sustainable period with their menstrual cup, one of their many conscious period products. The Tom Organic Menstrual Cup is designed with intuitive finger indents and unique internal rib system for easy insertion and removal. Each menstrual cup comes with its own first-of-its-kind microwave steriliser case for discreet, simple sterilisation between periods.

Sunscreen for you and the environment 

Like deodorant, many sunscreens contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment, specifically our water and reefs. But because of the threat from the sun, it’s obvious we can’t stop using it. That is why many brands have endeavoured to create sunscreens that are reef safe, working to protect our environment.

We love the Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Daily Wear Light Sunscreen as it’s recyclable and made with solar power. It’s formulated with certified natural Zinc oxide that is easy to apply and rubs in clear with a light feel for everyday wear.

Feel good in your self-tan

So now that you’re lathered up in a conscious sunscreen, for those who still want a bronzed tan, you can do that as well by swapping in Byron Bay Bronze products.

You can get your sun kissed glow safely and sustainably with Byron Bay Bronze Self Tanning Foam. It's natural, organic and made from sustainably sourced ingredients and 100% ocean waste plastic packaging. Use this foam to achieve a flawless, natural looking self tan that lasts for up to 14 days and fades naturally. Tan with a guilt free conscious knowing every purchase is making our world a better place.

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