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6 Tips For Post-Workout Recovery

6 Tips For Post-Workout Recovery

Rest and recovery after a workout are an essential part of your exercise routine. It has a big impact on your fitness gains and allows you to train more effectively in the future.

We’ve gathered six tips on how you can improve on your post-workout recovery plan so you can crush your next gym session.

  1. Replenish Your Energy With Food

When you exercise you are depleting your energy stores which is why you need to refuel after if you want your body to repair tissues and get stronger, making sure you are ready for your next workout.  

It is recommended that you should eat within 45-60 minutes of the end of your workout and make sure you include carbohydrates and protein. Protein specifically helps in muscle recovery as it provides amino acids that help to repair and rebuild muscles. Try the Body Science Collagen Protein Caramel Choc Chunk Bar and get the perfect treat for those who train hard and need advanced recovery technology.

  1. Replenish Lost Fluids

Just as you need to replenish your energy with food you also need to replace the fluid you lose during exercise. This helps boost recovery and avoid dehydration which is associated with reduced performance, muscles fatigue and other complications.

Although it is still important to drink water before and during exercise, many forget to do it afterwards. You can also replenish with other fluids such as sports drinks which are enhanced with electrolytes. The Musashi Electrolytes in Watermelon is a unique low sugar formulation containing a blend of key minerals lost in sweat during sports or exercise. With added glutamine and low sugar, this refreshingly delicious blend is scientifically formulated to support your sports nutrition needs.  

  1. Get A Restorative Night’s Sleep

One of the best ways to recover from a hard workout is to rest afterwards. This gives your body time to repair and recover at a natural pace. It is also beneficial to have a quick 20 minute nap two hours after your workout. This will not only not inhibit your ability to sleep at night but will also help restore your muscles.

  1. Don't Forget To Stretch

Gentle stretching is very beneficial for muscle recovery after a tough workout. When you stretch your muscles after a workout, you’re helping to give your body a jump-start on recovery. Stretching also releases stress and tension, while boosting the flexibility of your joints.

  1. Try Active Recovery

Active recovery involves performing low intensity exercises after a strenuous workout. By engaging in easy, gentle movement, such as a walk or yoga, it helps improve circulation, keeps your muscles flexible and reduces soreness.  

  1. Get A Massage

If you’re looking to go that extra step you could get a sports massage. Not only do they feel good but they also improve circulation while allowing you to fully relax. Or you could try self-massage using special equipment such as a GoFit Massage Go Roller which is great for increasing flexibility and can speed up post-workout recovery.

You could also invest in a mini hand-held percussive therapy massager from Theragun. This portable massager offers powerful performance to relieve muscle strain.

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