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7 Ways To Implement Self-Care Into Your Weekly Routine

7 Ways To Implement Self-Care Into Your Weekly Routine

The importance of self-care has been shared around the internet with a common suggestion to just run yourself a bath and you’ll feel better. While of course that may be someone’s version of self-care (who doesn’t love a good bath), self-care isn’t universal or as easy to implement. Self-care is about listening to your mind and body with the intention to nurture your health and wellbeing. But sometimes it can be difficult to truly know what you need which is why we have come up with some suggestions that might help you find some peace. Self-care is about doing things intentionally, not as a by-product of some other activity. We hope by offering you these suggestions, even if they are not right for you, they can still help in finding out what self-care means to you. 

  1. Move your body

When we say move your body, we don’t mean you have to do a full on, high intensity workout every day. Not only is that level of exercise unrealistic for many, but there isn’t a blueprint for how to move your body for self-care, it’s up to you and what makes you feel good. If you enjoy taking a 30-minute lunchtime stroll then go for it. If you find enjoyment in going to the gym, that’s great. By finding time to move in your day on your own terms, you not only can improve your physical health but also your mental health.

For those that want to start up an achievable exercise routine we know it can be difficult but a great way to ease into it is to do it at home. By working out in the comfort of your house, there’s no pressure from outside factors, it’s just you, your body and your intentions to move it. If you’re looking for some equipment to take your home workouts to the next level, check out our fitness page which has everything you need from medicine balls to resistance bands.

  1. Drink some water

Hydrating your body is a great way to start your day. When you wake up, try and make the first thing you do be drink a big glass of water. It helps with digestion, circulation and absorption of nutrients. Also, make sure you are continuing to drink throughout the day by carrying a reusable drink bottle or setting timers if you tend to forget to keep hydrating. Why not make this task more fun by getting a cute insulated water bottle from Ever Eco. This peach coloured one is just what you need to keep you motivated and stay hydrated.

  1. Make time for restful sleep

We know we go on and on about sleep, but it’s an extremely important factor on how you feel both physically and mentally. Getting 8 hours of restorative sleep can be just the self-care you need after a long and stressful day. If you find yourself struggling with sleep there are a number of things you could try that might help such as taking a magnesium supplement. The Herbs of Gold Magnesium Night Plus is an easy to use powder that you can simply mix into water or juice before bed to relieve restlessness. Or you could invest in a weighted blanket, our Beautifully Healthy ones offer comforting pressure that will lull you to sleep by making you feel supported and secure.

  1. Log off

Self-care can also involve limiting your time doing other activities. If you feel like you spend too many hours mindlessly scrolling on social media, it might be time to set yourself some ground rules and log off every now and then. We know, this is harder than it sounds, but you might find that trying a social media detox could improve your day or mood. Logging off also means setting boundaries between your work and home life. If you find yourself taking work home with you every night, it might be time to revaluate your boundaries in order to prioritise your needs. 

  1. Breathe (that’s it!)

Ok this one might seem a bit silly, but hear us out. Self-care doesn’t need to be expensive or lavish, it can simply be finding a quiet time where you can take some purposeful deep breaths and reconnect with your body and soul. Deep breathing has many benefits such as calming your nervous system and helping you to relax in times of stress. An easy way to incorporate this self-care act into your routine is to do it in the morning before getting out of bed. Even if it’s only five minutes, you're guaranteed to feel better and more grounded. Another way to enhance this experience is to try out a diffuser. These devices emit soothing aromas that not only assist with relaxation and sleep, but help you breathe more easily. The In Essence 360 Diffuser is the perfect way to invest in your self-care, and paired with their Breathe Essential Oil Blend you’ll be feeling calm and centred in no time.

  1. Treat yourself

Self-care can simply be about pampering yourself. Whether this means painting your nails, having an at home facial or getting a massage, you shouldn’t feel bad about taking the time to do things that celebrate you. There’s no shame in spoiling yourself! We love using this gorgeous lilac nail polish from Hanami when we want to give our nails a fun at-home manicure.

  1. Do what makes you happy!

If none of these suggestions resonate with you, don't stress! Self-care doesn’t need to be over complicated, all you need to do is ask yourself, what makes you happy. Then it is all about making time in your life to do those things you love that bring you comfort and joy. This could be reading a book, watching your favourite TV show or taking yourself out to lunch. Whatever it may be, as long as you're benefiting from these activities, you are practicing self-care.

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