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Be Inspired By Some Of Our Favourite Female Founders And Their Story

Be Inspired By Some Of Our Favourite Female Founders And Their Story

This year for International Women’s Day, we asked some of our female founders to share their story of how they started their own business. They also revealed their go-to product and why they love it!

We spoke to Claire Deeks from My ilo who creates environmentally conscious and modern sex essentials, Lindy Klim from FIG Femme, an intimate wellness brand that caters for your most delicate of body parts and Anca Anderson from Inca Organics, who offers clean, simple and effective products.

What made you want to start your own business?

Claire: As two young women on our own journeys of sexual wellness, we realised that there was still a lack of conversation in our age group about self-pleasure. We wanted to spark this conversation between friends that is often deemed ‘TMI’, so we took it into our own hands to create a range of products that are so beautiful and sleek that everyone feels confident to show them off! Products that are visually appealing with a creative flair that we as women are proud to buy and display visibly and openly rather than hiding away in our bedside tables. 

Pictured: Claire Deeks and Luciana Burke 

We fundamentally believe that when things are meant to be, they will be. Passion was our drive in this case. Once we opened up the conversation amongst our friendship circles, we heard so many stories and anxieties surrounding pleasure that we got the ball rolling straight away. We felt we had a responsibility to create change, and so My ilo became much more than just a brand. It was our mission to reach out to everyone to remind them that we are never alone in our experiences, and empower them to explore their own sexuality. My ilo turned from a 'passion project' into a business. 

Lindy: I could really see a gap in the market for products that spoke to a modern woman. There are a lot of products on the market in that same intimate wellness area but they are a little bit dated and a little bit clinical and I thought it was about time to showcase what other products we could develop that could be out there that is chic and little bit cool. 

Pictured: Lindy Klim

Anca: I developed experience working for large FMCG companies in the health and beauty space. Whilst I held brand management roles, I always felt limited in truly realising a brand that I could resonate with. I took the risk of leaving the comfort of corporate life to establish my own brand. This was driven by my passion for developing truly clean wellness supplements that make a positive difference to people's lives.

At INCA Organics our motto is “Nothing to hide. Everything to show off.” INCA stands out from the crowd by taking a minimalistic - less is more- approach to nutrition using fewer but better, more superior ingredients for maximum potency and benefits. Carefully curated formulations developed in conjunction with nutritionists and health professionals that are clean, simple and effective and designed to nourish your skin and body from within.

Pictured: Anca Anderson

What is your go-to product from your brand?

Claire: It is so hard to pick a favourite! We believe that creating plant-based body oils, massage candles and lubes is an essential part of a sustainable and pleasurable self-care experience and every persons cupboard. When looking at the ingredients in mainstream lubes, we were appalled at the harmful and chemical ingredients that penetrate into our body. Did you know that substances are absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream within 26 seconds? There was also a real lack of alternative solutions on the market that didn’t break the bank, so we wanted to create an organic, chemical-free and plant-based lube that is still affordable. Our findings show that many women don’t use lube, but research shows that it can actually increase women’s orgasms by 80% (bottom line is...ladies, don’t be scared of lube, make it your go-to product!). 

Lindy: One of my favourite products that I’ve developed would have to be the vulva mask. I know it’s a little bit unique and a little bit unheard of for a lot of people but it’s one of those products that’s so luxurious and you can really get back in touch with yourself, especially after pregnancy and giving birth. I think to have those moments where you can reconnect with your body is really important. Another one of my favourites would be the wash. It is really important that when washing you use the right kind of formula for that part of your body to make sure it's pH balanced.

Anca: My go-to product would be one of our bestsellers, the INCA Wellness Collagen which is a Skin & Body Collagen powder combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

It contains two specific types of collagen peptides that have been scientifically studied to target specific areas in the body to support not only skin, hair, nails but also joints and mobility which is integral for healthy ageing. Being unflavoured makes this powder very versatile. I enjoy it daily and mix it into my power smoothie with INCA Organic Whey Cacao Protein Powder or mix it into juice, water, oats.

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