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Celebrate 6 Of Our Inspiring Female Founders This International Women’s Day

Celebrate 6 Of Our Inspiring Female Founders This International Women’s Day

This year for International Women’s Day, we asked some of our female founders to share their journey as leading women in business and offer words of advice for the future generation of aspiring girls. 

We have Claire Deeks from My ilo who creates environmentally conscious and modern sex essentials. Lindy Klim from FIG Femme, an intimate wellness brand that caters to your most delicate of body parts. Anca Anderson from INCA Organics, who offers clean, simple and effective products. Vicki Engsall from the unique skincare range, The Jojoba Company. Tarj Mavi from LAMAV, a skincare and self-care brand. And finally Katie Eales from the luxury and sustainable skincare brand, Sabbia & Co.

Which female figure inspires you and why?

Claire: Chantelle Otten, the award winning Psycho-Sexologist. She is a passionate leader in empowering people to feel great about their sexual health, self-esteem, communication and education. 

Lindy: I don’t really have just one person that has inspired me through my career. I would say it’s been a whole collective group of women that have inspired me. Whether that’s through beauty, fashion or business itself, women are doing incredible things and we’re so fortunate that we can learn off these women along the way. 

Pictured: Lindy Klim

Anca: If I was to name one person that I have recently been drawing inspiration from it would be Melanie Perkins, the co-founder of Canva. A great example of someone who started small and has achieved huge success as one of the youngest female tech CEO’s in a sector dominated by male leaders.

Vicki: I have been so lucky in my life to have two great but very different mother figures in my life. My own mother who even today continues to inspire me to be the best version of myself and who has always had a calming influence on me, helping me to be more calm and methodical.  My mother-in-law who devastatingly is no longer with us due to Ovarian Cancer but who inspired me to the very end with her strength of character and consistent positivity. 

Pictured: Vicki Engsall

Katie: I love Zoey Foster from Go-To but I really try to focus on being the best version of myself, adhering to my mission and looking inwards for innovation instead of seeking inspiration from others.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Claire: Don't let other peoples opinions stop you! 

Lindy: Listen to your gut instinct. 

Anca: To believe in yourself and don’t let anybody else take away your self-worth. You are good enough.

Pictured: Anca Anderson

Vicki: My Dad always told me to follow my heart and follow my passion. He said that if you have passion in what you do, it will shine through you and your work will not feel like work but pursuing your favourite hobby. 

Tarj: Be patient, be resilient and believe in yourself! It’s important to recognise that while everyone’s journey to launching their brand or business is different, no matter what you set out to do—it’s going to take a huge amount of dedication, self-determination and patience. 

Pictured: Tarj Mavi

Katie: Stop looking beside you and focus on where you are going - my unofficial business coach and mentor from Owlpine Group.

Do you have any advice for women who want to pursue leadership roles in their career?

Claire: Stop procrastinating, just go for it!

Pictured: Claire Deeks and Luciana Burke 

Lindy: Be across everything. You cannot not be across everything.

Anca: Do the right things for the right reasons. And most importantly have fun and celebrate the small milestones on the way to reaching your bigger goals.

Vicki: Stand tall, be confident, work hard, be strong, use positive language and have a "can do” approach to everything.

Tarj: While everyone’s journey is different, no matter what idea you have for your business, it’s essential to be patient, be resilient and believe in yourself.

Katie: Find something that you are truly passionate about, you can't be in business for money - you will constantly be trying to fill an empty void. 

Pictured: Katie Eales

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