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Get Back Into Fitness With Laura Dundovic's Ab and Booty Workout

Get Back Into Fitness With Laura Dundovic's Ab and Booty Workout

There’s no better feeling than moving your body with intention. Whether that’s going for a walk, playing sport or spending half an hour in the gym, exercise is a great way to not only work out your body but take care of your health and wellbeing.

Our favourite Beautifully Healthy bestie and fitness fanatic Laura Dundovic showed us her abs and booty HIIT workout that keeps her body strong and makes her feel fantastic.

Here is Laura’s 32-minute gym session broken down step by step, including all the equipment she uses.

Laura does 4 rounds of each exercise with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest with 1 minute rest at the end of each round.

  1. Laura begins her workout with skipping using the GoFit Adjustable Speed Jump Rope which helps her get intense cardio training while carving muscle definition. The foam sure-grip handles help to provide comfort and control. It’s a great tool to elevate overall fitness results.
  1. Next Laura moves onto banded crab walks. This involves placing a resistance band around your thighs just above your knees, sinking into a half squat and taking half steps to the side. This is a great way to strengthen your glutes and hip abductors. For the band, Laura uses the Go Fit Power Loop which is designed for achieving a complete lower body workout.
  1. After this are weighted sit-ups which Laura does with the 6.5 kg small Ybell. The Ybell is made with non-slip and non-rust neoprene and is the one perfect piece of equipment for every body. Weighted sit-ups are ideal for building core strength and working out your abs.
  1. Laura then moves to banded glute bridge pull apart which can be done with optional weights. Putting the band in the same place as the banded crab walks, lay on the floor and bring your feet towards your glutes so that there is a 90 degree angle from shin to thigh. Then drive your hips up while keeping your heels, shoulders and arms pressed into the ground. After you lift your hips up, pull the band apart using your hips, release the tension and repeat.
  1. Next up is Ybell swings. This exercise is a great explosive training move for building strength and power. For the perfect swing keep your shoulders relaxed, make sure your knees don’t bend excessively during the swing and keep your head in a neutral position (the gap between chin and chest should not change).
  1. Following this is squats which again you can do weighted or not. Laura chooses to use the Ybell in her squats to really activate her glutes and work out her booty. Not only are squats great for your glutes but they also benefit your hip muscles, calves, hamstrings and obliques.
  1. To end her workout Laura tones her core and shoulders with Russian twists using the Ybell. This is a popular exercise among athletes that helps with rotational movement. It may look like a simple movement, but Russian twists require a lot of strength and support especially when you add in weights.

Bonus: If you’re game enough, Laura suggests finishing the workout with a 5-minute skip!

Check out our instagram for the full workout video where Laura takes us through all these exercises so you can get the movements just right. 

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