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Give Your Pet The Grooming Products They Deserve

Give Your Pet The Grooming Products They Deserve

For those of us who love our fur babies like they're our children, there’s no surprise that we want to give them the best grooming routine we can. Not only are we becoming more aware of the products we use on ourselves and what ingredients they contain, we also have that same care for our pets. 

With grooming routines that are now mirroring our own, pet parents are searching for products that use clean, plant-based ingredients and are environmentally conscious.

This new brand of pet wellness is on the rise in 2022 so if you’re looking for grooming and other pet products that are good enough for your furry friends, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for some of our favourite and quality pet products.

Create A Grooming Routine

It’s time to raise your standards and give your furry friends the grooming products they deserve. By using clean grooming products you are helping to support your pet’s overall health and wellness.

You may have noticed that many skincare brands are also jumping on to pet grooming products which can be seen with The Australian Natural Soap Co. Their Dog Shampoo Bar is packed full of coconut and castor oil to clean and condition your dog's coat. It contains eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender oils to help repel fleas and make your puppy smell amazing. Using only natural ingredients means this shampoo is much more gentle on their skin and it leaves their coats nice and shiny and smelling great!

Another great brand you should try is Troopets. They have a wide range of naturally scented shampoos and conditioners. Their Soothing Lavender Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is made with Lavander essential oil, Matricaria flower extract and Calendula Officinalis flower extract, which provides a great soothing, nourishing and natural flea repelling result. Troopets genuinely wants nothing but the best for our pets, and naturally, for ourselves.

Another crucial step in the grooming process is protecting your dog’s paws and nose. Give them the best care with Essential Dog Nose & Paw Balm. This hydrating balm is ideal for your dog's sore or cracked paws, snout, and callouses. It is waterproof, gently scented, and ideal for sensitive areas with its blend of all-natural cold-pressed oils, shea butter, Vitamin E natural and 100% pure essential oils, and cellular plant extracts. Most importantly, it’s safe to lick off!

Support Them Inside and Out

Not only are pet parents opting for plant-based shampoos and luxury conditioners, they are also looking for products that can support their pet’s coat, skin and nails with daily supplements. They are also looking for healthy treats that will make their pet’s feel good from the inside out.

The Rascals Treats Dog Treats Bark-B-Q Bites Carrot & Capsicum is the perfect treat to reward your well behaved rascal! These bright bites contain carrot, sweet potato and capsicum, all vegetables being packed with vitamins including vitamins A, C and E! They are meat and dairy free and packaged in certified home compostable packaging.

You can also care for your dog’s needs with the Essential Dog Raw Hemp Seed Oil Omega, Food Supplement. This skin and coat food supplement is a vegan alternative to fish oil. Many of our beloved pets have skin allergies, dietary deficiencies, and sensitivities. It can be a challenge to find an ideal diet rich in nutrients for a healthy and happy dog. This 100% raw hemp seed oil is rich in essential daily nutrients helping support healthy skin and coat, stress, mobility and joints, and cardiovascular.

Doggy Essentials

Shopping environmentally conscious for your dog doesn’t have to stop at their food, now you can find other essentials that are good for the planet.

The Eco Basics Bio-Degradable Doggy Bags are a hygienic and lower impact way to dispose of your dog’s business. These biodegradable doggy bags are made from corn starch, that breaks down in compost or local green waste collection. When composted the bags feed the micro-organisms in the soil which benefits the earth and its surroundings.

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