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Habits To Break For The New Year

Habits To Break For The New Year

We’ve finally made it to 2022 and we’re ready to take on a new year. With a new year comes aspirations for improvement and positive changes in your life. We’re sure there are many habits you don’t want to bring into the new year and some you might not even be aware you are doing or are bad.

Here are 5 habits you should break for the new year.


Quit smoking is most likely at the top of many people’s habits to break every new year. Smoking increases your risk of cancer, lung disease and heart attacks which are all preventable if you are ready to quit.

The quitting process is difficult but can be helped with many techniques and products designed to make it as easy as possible. You can find a whole category dedicated to breaking this habit here, which includes gums, kits, lozenges, patches and sprays to help you quit.

Sleeping less than 6-8 hours every night

Your sleep should never be sacrificed for work, school or any other reason. Not only does a good night’s rest increase productivity and happiness but it also is beneficial for your health by boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation. 

If you are not getting a restorative night of around 8 hours sleep then it is something you need to work on in the new year. There are many tips you can follow which can help you get an adequate amount of sleep each night such as taking a magnesium tablet or using a weighted blanket.

Not prioritising your health

Any time is a great time to start working on your health but there’s something about starting a new year with new goals in mind that make you feel that much more motivated.

If you find that you’ve fallen into the habit of putting your health last and making choices that have a negative effect on your wellbeing, it’s time to change. Do yourself a favour and start taking care of yourself by exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and checking in on your mental health. These new habits will have a great impact on your life and improve the way you are feeling both physically and emotionally.

Buying single use products instead of reusable options 

With each new year it becomes more and more important to use products that are kind to our environment. This means choosing the sustainable and reusable option instead of single use products. 

Many people are already in this habit and making eco-friendly swaps whenever available. You can make a start on this simply by using reusable straws instead of plastic ones. They’re easy to keep in your bag when eating out so you can be prepared to say no when offered a plastic straw. 

There are numerous ways you can make sustainable swaps in your everyday life. You can find a whole range of conscious makeup, reusable period products and eco-friendly household items right here at Beautifully Healthy.

Investing in others more than yourself

It can be easy to fall in the habit of putting others before yourself as well as not taking the time to invest in your own wellbeing. The misconception that spending time and money on yourself is selfish needs to be thrown out in 2022.

A clear sign of neglecting your own feelings is making choices that cater to everyone else’s needs and wants which conveys that their happiness is far more important than your own. It is time to take back the time, attention and resources you were giving to others and turn it back onto yourself. Make self care and me time a big part of this new year to ensure you are investing in yourself.

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