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Here’s Why You Should Add Sexual Wellness To Your Self-Care Regime

Here’s Why You Should Add Sexual Wellness To Your Self-Care Regime

Sexual wellness and self-pleasure are no longer a taboo subject that we should be ashamed about discussing. In 2022 we’re embracing our sexuality and by recognising it as a vital part of our lifestyle and wellbeing, are including it in our self-care routines.

So what is sexual wellness? Well it’s all about following your own desires and only choosing things that you are comfortable with and will empower you. It’s about moving on from shame about your body and sexuality and getting in tune with your sensual self just as you would with your mental health.

Incorporating sexual wellness into self-care can look different to each person but it's intended to boost your overall health and happiness just as other self-care activities are designed to do. So the next you’re having a self-care day, after you’ve gone on a peaceful walk and run a soothing bath, maybe think about getting out your vibrator and practicing some self-love.

There are many benefits to sexual self-care other than self-pleasure that you might not have been aware of.

Improves Self Confidence 

It’s no secret that many of us struggle with self confidence, especially when it comes to our bodies and sex. But by including sexual wellness into your self-care habits, you can gain self-confidence through self-exploration and self-love, giving you confidence not only in the bedroom but in everyday life. Sexual wellness also makes you feel more confident as you are taking control of your sensuality through self-pleasure, something you might not have had or realised you needed.

If you’re looking for a little help to get you there, we have an excellent range of vibrators which are bound to enhance your self-love sessions. A favourite being Vush Abbie, the iconic internal vibrator that puts your pleasure first.

Boosts Your Wellbeing

Self-care is all about making yourself feel good by investing in yourself which is a needed part of life as it can be easy to worry about everything around you and forget to check in with ourselves. Sexual wellness is a natural addition to a self care routine as like other self-care activities such as meditation and prioritising sleep, it aims to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Self-pleasure addresses your wellbeing by reducing stress and relieving tension. Also exploring and gaining confidence in your sexuality can affect how you see and feel about yourself as when you feel positive and safe about your sexuality it impacts how you feel mentally and emotionally.

So, alongside sleep, diet and exercise, we are now adding sexual self-care as a pillar of wellness.

An Excuse To Pamper

Some aspects of self-care, although being extremely beneficial to your physical and mental wellbeing, aren’t the most exciting activities. But with sexual wellness it gives you an excuse to pamper yourself and have fun. 

Prioritising time on your schedule to make yourself feel good is an integral aspect of sexual self-care. You can also pamper yourself in different ways such as getting a massage or trying a new exfoliating body scrub.

And if pampering yourself with pleasure is what we need to do to create a deeper connection with ourselves, then sign me up.

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