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Make Your Way Towards Zero Waste With The Five R’s

Make Your Way Towards Zero Waste With The Five R’s

In today’s world, it can feel like you are constantly bombarded with bad news, especially regarding the state of our environment. Trying to live a more zero-waste lifestyle is a great way to start doing your part in protecting our planet. By reducing your output of waste, you are also helping to limit your carbon footprint. 

You may be asking why all this matters. With environmental changes happening as a result of climate change, it is important that as a community we come together to do what we can in preventing it from getting worse. Also, by reducing the amount of waste you produce, this can lessen the quantity of rubbish that is buried in landfills. Not only are they a major source of pollution, but landfills also create methane as it rots, which is a harmful gas that contributes to global warming.

There are many ways people can work towards a zero waste ones of them being d understanding and following the fundamentals of waste reduction, the 5 Rs.

The 5 Rs

Did you think there were only 3 Rs when it came to waste? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Whilst the most popular methods to stop waste is reduce, reuse and recycle, you should not ignore refuse and rot.


This one’s pretty self-explanatory, when given the chance, you can reduce your waste output simply by refusing. For example, it’s okay to say no when offered single use plastic. Try out reusable cutlery with Ever Eco’s Bamboo Cutlery Set, it's the perfect on the go bundle. It includes a knife and fork and a spoon with a handy organic cotton pouch making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. So, the next time you’re getting take away from your favourite restaurant, you can say no thanks to their plastic cutlery as you’ve got your own.


Although it might seem obvious, reducing the number of things you buy can be very difficult. But by being mindful in your purchases and only investing in what you need, you are helping reduce the amount of waste produced.


Reuse is pretty straightforward. Got an empty food jar you were thinking about throwing away, why don’t you clean it out and turn it into a plant pot or use them as drinking glasses. Reuse is one of the simplest ways to keep things out of landfill and you can get creative in the process and discover some fun DIYs. You can cut down on single use plastic by buying a reusable drink bottle instead of using plastic bottles. The reusable Ever Eco Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles  come in an array of fun colours and are big enough for all day hydration.


Composting your food scraps is a great way to make sure your waste is being properly disposed of and not going into landfills. Setting up an at home compost is easy or, if you don’t have the ability, research where your closest food scrap drop-off centre is and make the effort to use it. 


I think most of us are familiar with the concept of recycling, but you would be surprised by the many ways people are doing it wrong. First, you should make yourself familiar with your state's recycling laws and what you can and cannot put in your bins. You should only recycle when you feel you cannot reuse the item, always have a think about whether you could repurpose your rubbish.

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