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Ways To Mentally Refresh After A Stressful Day

Ways To Mentally Refresh After A Stressful Day

It's normal to feel overwhelmed after a busy day.

Whether it’s been filled with more emails than usual, stressful meetings, or you’re just overwhelmed by your day-to-day life, practising self-care to destress and refresh is an important process that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are some ways you can mentally refresh after a stressful day, getting yourself back on track and avoiding prolonged stress on both the mind and body.

Focus On Your Breathing

Focusing on your breath can help you centre yourself.

When you breathe deep, it sends a signal to your brain that you’re relaxed, and your body will shortly follow. Take in deep breaths and focus on the rhythm of your breathing after a long day and notice how quickly your body feels less stressed and your mind feels present and in the moment.

Get Some Exercise In

We all know that exercising releases endorphins, making you feel happier, less stressed, and more relaxed. Moving your muscles can also help relieve any anxiety or pent-up stress. By releasing muscle tension through movement, both your body and your mind will start to feel more relaxed, so don't talk yourself out of that after-work jog so easily!

Eat A Healthy Meal

Eating healthy after a stressful day can be a fantastic way to ground yourself, relax, and feel instantly better. Science suggests that a healthy diet builds a solid foundation for your body, reducing oxidation and inflammation, leaving you feeling better both inside and out.

Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling your thoughts and feelings have been scientifically proven to reduce any feelings of distress and anxiety, allowing you to process your thoughts and emotions, especially after a stressful day.

Getting into a routine of journaling after a stressful day can be a great way for you to process how you feel, leaving it behind so you can move forward with a clearer mind.

Mindfulness Meditation

Even 5 minutes of mindfulness and meditation can make a huge difference in your emotional state after a stressful day. By focusing on your thoughts and your breathing you can clear your mind, relax your body, and release any feelings of anxiety or stress. This is a perfect way to centre yourself and release any negative emotions that the day may have brought.

Creating a routine that works especially for you is an important way to process stress in your life. Whether it's lighting your favourite candle, listening to relaxing music, or just taking time for a long bath - there's no right or wrong way to destress after an overwhelming day. Taking time for yourself and practising self-care is the key to keeping yourself healthy both mind and body.

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