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What Is Micro Goal Setting?

What Is Micro Goal Setting?

Do you have trouble sticking to your goals?

Sometimes when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves we can become frustrated when we fall short, creating that vicious cycle of unproductivity and becoming stagnant.

Micro goal setting could be the thing you’re missing to get back on track and start seeing progress towards your end result.


Okay, So What Is Micro Goal Setting?

We all know that productivity is fluid, it changes, and that’s perfectly normal!

Some days you’re checking off your to-do list by midday, and others, well, you’re spending the whole day binging Netflix. It happens to the best of us.

Micro goal setting is a way to help make every day as productive as possible, without that oh too familiar feeling of becoming overwhelmed.

Essentially, micro goal setting is breaking down your goals into small, attainable, actions that you can do each day to get results.

The best part is it works for every sort of goal!

Whether it's to improve your fitness, change your diet, decorate your apartment, or finally finish that essay you’ve been putting off - micro goals help you feel in charge, in control, and motivated once again.


Benefits Of Micro Goal Setting


They Keep You Grounded

Instead of focusing on some large goal months away, micro goal setting helps you stay present and focused on what you can achieve today.

Whether it is the small goal of getting 15 minutes of exercise or cutting out that Coke with lunch, these small goals all add up without making you feel overwhelmed.

Having attainable things to check off a list will keep you motivated especially on days where you’re not feeling like your most productive self.

They also erase any feeling of guilt that comes with falling short, if you only achieve one micro goal today, that’s awesome!

If you achieve more than you anticipated, even better!

It’s all about setting yourself up for success.


You Feel Accomplished

There’s nothing quite like that moment when you tick something off your to-do list.

Micro goals allow you to tick things off your list far more often, giving you a sense of accomplishment and excitement. It also lays out your goals clearly, so you can see the progress you’re making every day by checking off those seemingly little tasks.

We all know feeling accomplished is addictive, so you’re far more likely to keep it up and reach those end results in no time.

How’s that for motivation?


Helps You Work On Multiple Goals At Once

Okay, so you’ve got a few goals in mind.

Great stuff!

But it can be a little daunting when you see how much work is involved in reaching them all. Say you want to overhaul your diet, improve your fitness, and write a novel - by setting this up with micro goals you can work on all three at once, every single day.

Breaking these goals down into manageable tasks will keep you motivated and on track to reach them all.

At the end of the day, goal setting is personal.

What really matters is that you only compare yourself to where you were yesterday and find a goal-setting strategy that works for you.

Be kind to yourself and use micro goal setting to feel accomplished every day, no matter how big or small your to-do list is - you got this.

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