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Body Science only sources the most effective ingredients to meet your fitness and weight loss goals, sourced from the highest quality.

Discover the Benefits of Body Science Protein Bars

Body Science products are tailored to boost your metabolism and refresh your energy levels and mood.

The "science" part of the name isn't in vain; it's an active focus of their products. All ingredients have been shown to bring benefits in clinical trials, and all from quality manufacturers.

Body Science - Frequently Asked Questions 

Can whey protein from Body Science help you lose weight?

You need protein in your diet to help with weight loss. By having enough protein mass, your body's metabolism will boost and burn more from your fat reserves, while at the same time decreasing appetite. This means protein is actually a key ingredient to help you on your weight loss journey. 

High-quality protein shakes, such as Body Science whey protein, can add the protein boost you need to your diet to help build muscle mass. They also include other ingredients to help lose weight, such as nutrients to improve metabolism and burn fat.

It's not only about what you cut from the diet, but also what you add. Shop with Body Science for the best whey protein supplements you need to achieve your goals in fitness and weight loss.

How much protein is in a Body Science protein bar?

Clocking in at 32% protein, the Body Science High Protein Low Carb bar comes with 20 grams of protein. Having enough protein in your diet is key to fighting hunger cravings and losing weight. 

We all get cravings for sweets, whether it's after a meal or just in the middle of the afternoon. Keep your snacking healthy with Body Science protein, free of excess carbs or artificial flavours or colours.

A high protein intake can play a role in weight loss. By building up your muscle mass, you raise your body's metabolism, so that your body is more actively reaching into its fat stores. If you're looking to burn more fat, keep up your protein intake with Body Science.

How healthy is a Body Science high-protein bar?

High in proteins and low in carbs, Body Science protein bars are both healthy and delicious.

Each High Protein Low Carb bar has almost 20 g of protein to help build muscle mass every time you feel like snacking - the muscle mass you need to boost your metabolism and burn your fat reserves.

Not only that, but the protein bar doesn't have any extra carbs or artificial flavours or colours that'll only undo all the hard work you've been doing.

Whether it's a snack to get your system going before a workout session or to stave off the mid-afternoon drowsy feeling, Body Science has the healthy protein bars you've been looking for.

Are Body Science supplements good for you?

Body Science supplements are some of the highest quality available in Australia and can play a vital role in your fitness and weight loss journey.

All protein and nutritional ingredients are derived from top-quality sources. The products are free from any additives such as artificial flavours or colours.

Amazing but true: Supplements can be rife with banned substances. At the professional level, the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority (ASADA) finds at least one Australian athlete per month who tests positive from a supplement contaminated with a prohibited substance.

Body Science makes it a key focus on keeping their products free of any banned substances. Whether you're an athlete or not, if you want to steer clear on doping, Body Science is a sure bet to avoid banned substances.

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