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Bondi Sands Tanning Products 

Bondi Sands offers a leading range of tanning products and sunscreens. The collection is custom-made for Australian conditions - and blends UV protection with formulas to help you tan. 

The result is a bronzed and glowing look that you’ll love to show off. Beautifully Healthy loves to stock Bondi Sands products because of their quality ingredients and exceptional results. 

For a deep and healthy tan, shop Bondi Sands tanning products online now. 

Discover the Bondi Sands Range 

Bondi Sands is all about celebrating the Australian sun, sea and sand and the lifestyle that comes along with it. Whether you’re searching for dependable sun-safe protection or lotions, oils and foams to help you tan with ease, you’ll find the perfect choice with Beautifully Healthy. 

Bondi Sands 1 Hr Express Self Tan Foam is one of the most popular products in the range. Rich in Aloe Vera and infused with coconut scents, this salon-quality formula is easy to apply yourself and will leave you with a natural bronzed glow. 

Specially formulated for rapid tanning, the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Aerosole can deliver results in just 1 hour. It’s perfect for a smooth, streak-free tan, applied and enhanced using a Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt. 

And to cool off at the end of a long hot day in the sun, try Bondi Sands Aloe Vera After Sun Cooling Gel. This cool and calming serum soothes skin for a deep and long-lasting tan. 

Bondi Sands - Frequently Asked Questions 

How to tan with Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands sunscreens are designed to deliver protection from the sun whilst allowing you to achieve a beautiful, bronzed tan. 

The best way to tan with Bondi Sands tanning products is to change positions frequently and tan during the hours of 12 pm and 3 pm for optimal results. 

It’s important to ensure you never burn or damage your skin, as this will never enhance your tan. Seek plenty of shade and stay hydrated whenever you feel overheated. 

Using a lotion with a high UV protection factor will ensure you stay safe and tan successfully. Bondi Sands Hydra UV Protect SPF 50+ Face Lotion is the perfect choice which balances SPF protection of tanning enhancing ingredients. 

Is Bondi Sands a mineral sunscreen? 

Mineral sunscreens, sometimes called sunblock, use specific ingredients such as titanium or zinc to prevent UV rays from reaching your skin. Alternatively, chemical sunscreens use chemicals to reduce the harmful effects of UV. 

Bondi Sands is an oil-soluble chemical sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection, is water-resistant for up to 4 hours, is non-greasy, and moisturises your skin for a healthy and radiant tan. 

This suncare range is also free from chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs and healthy ecosystems. 

Does Bondi Sands make green-based products? 

Bondi Sands tanning products are green-based, meaning that they use green tones to offset red skin. The result is a beautiful and healthy tan that won’t appear burnt or unnaturally orange. 

Green-based tanning products can be used to perfect you tan for a rich and natural tone. They’re suitable for all skin types and can protect you from harmful UV rays.

Green based tans are recommended for those with lighter complexions, who may be seeking either cool or warm undertones. The desired look can be achieved with any of the Self Tanning Lotions created by Bondi Sands. 

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