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Fight dry skin and wrinkles with Dose and Co Collagen Powder

Restore collagen, improve the elasticity of your skin, and fight ageing with Dose and Co pure collagen powder and creamers today. 

Did you know that collagen - the most abundant protein in the body - helps repair your skin and strengthen your bones? 

Well, did you also know that as you age, your body breaks down the collagen in your body, which in turn makes it difficult to produce more collagen?

This breakdown can lead to dry and wrinkly skin as well as increased joint pain.

This is exactly why we recommend Dose and Co pure collagen. 

One of the most respected names in health supplements, Dose and Co collagen not only can help reverse ageing, but it can also help strengthen your joints and your bones, which makes it easier to accumulate muscle mass.   

FAQs about Dose and Co collagen protein powders and creamers

Do you carry Dose and Co collagen protein powder?

Yes, we carry the most popular flavours of Dose and Co protein powders. Be sure to sample Creamy Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, or the Original Unflavoured Blend.

Do you carry Dose and Co collagen creamers?

Dose and Co collagen creamers are the perfect way to start your day - simply add them to your tea, coffee, or smoothie, and enjoy a tasty way to increase muscle mass and improve your skin. 

Here at Beautifully Healthy, we carry some of Dose and Co’s most popular creamer flavours, including Vanilla, Dairy Free Vanilla,  Chocolate Fudge, and Dairy Free Caramel.  

Are the protein powders and protein creamers equally as effective?  

Absolutely! It just comes down to your personal preference. If you are the type of person who enjoys a good, healthy shake, then the protein powder is going to be ideal for you. 

If you aren’t much of a shake person, but you drink coffee or tea daily, then the collagen creamer is a perfect match.

What other health and supplement brands do you recommend?

Below are some ideal supplements to stack on top of your Dose and Co collagen powder.  

Musashi makes some of the best protein powder for shredding or bulking up. Quest protein bars are very healthy and extremely tasty. And PranaOn is our top recommendation for vegan and vegetarian-friendly protein powders. 

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