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For salon-level quality in the comfort of your home, there's nothing better than GHD.

GHD Hair Straighteners
For long-lasting straight hair, GHD, in Australia and all around the world, is a leader in hair styling technology. 

GHD Hair Curlers
Whatever the hairstyle you're after, the GHD curler is just the companion you need to get the perfect curls at home.

GHD - Frequently Asked Questions

How to curl hair with GHD straightener
To get started with GHD curls, separate out a small section of hair. Use your GHD hair straightener to gently clamp down on the hair, and pull the straightener down, just as you normally would to straighten your hair.

Once you get to the part of the hair where you want the curl to begin, turn the GHD hair straightener away from your face, for a 180-degree half-turn. 

At the same time, never step pulling the straightener down, and keep going right down to the ends of your hair. The turn in the straightener should be as seamless as possible, so you never stop travelling down the hair in a smooth motion.

Repeat this motion for each section of hair, and when you're done, give yourself a quick head massage at the scalp, to get your GHD curls to settle into shape in a more natural way.

What are the best GHD straighteners to get?
When it comes to premium technology in straightening hair, nothing beats the GHD Platinum. Its smart predictive tech has brought the best of 21st-century innovation to home hair styling. 

From the roots down to the tip, each strand of hair will vary in thickness. With the GHD Platinum, you've got a machine that'll do the thinking on your behalf, adjusting the power according to the hair that's on the iron. 

By adjusting the heat according to the thickness of your hair, each section of your hair will come out perfectly styled - each and every strand.

Will GHD straighteners turn themselves off?
Every GHD straightener will turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

Have you been using your GHD too early in the morning, and the coffee hasn't kicked in enough for you to remember whether you switched it off or not? 

No need to fear. If you've left your GHD unused, don't worry about potentially over-heating, as it'll take care of itself!

What temperature do GHD straighteners reach?
Every GHD straightener is calibrated to maintain a temperature of 185 degrees. That's the perfect temperature for thin to medium-thick hair - not too hot to burn or damage your hair, but hot enough to get a perfect style each time.

With their advanced heat control features, the floating ceramic plates of the GHD will heat up to the perfect temperature, and be held there for the duration of your usage.

How do you clean GHD travel hair driers?
It's important to regularly clean your GHD hair dryer. Not only will it keep the GHD working at optimum efficiency, but if you don't follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and this leads to the GHD becoming damaged, you may have voided the terms of the warranty.

Specifically, the rear filter of the GHD hair dryer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, the vents can become blocked by debris such as strands of hair, hair products such as hairspray, and general dust and dirt. 

These can build up to the point of clogging the vents - and if the air can't escape the hair dryer, then it can be in danger of overheating. This could mean damage to your hair, such as split ends - or if the temperatures rise high enough, there's even a potential of the hair dryer catching on fire.

Before you clean the hair dryer, make sure to completely unplug it. Pull the filter out from the back of the hair dryer, and run it under tap water for a moment, to clear all the dirt off it. 

Use a paper towel to rub it dry, or a lint-free cloth if you have one. And that's it! Once the filter is completely dry, you can pop it back into the hair dryer.

Make sure to clean the hair dryer every one to three weeks. If your hair dryer feels too hot in your hand, or it keeps turning off in the middle of use, then turn it off and it's time to clean it.

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