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Elevate Your Body Care Routine with La’Bang Body Oils 

Are you looking for that natural-looking glow on your arms and legs? Are you searching for a no-fuss solution that will give you softer skin day in and day out? 

Well, look no further than La’Bang Body! Founded in 2015, La’Bang has become one of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to skin and hair products. 

La’Bang Body believes that beauty is more than skin deep, which is why they’ve developed a line of amazing products that use natural ingredients and fresh scents - all at affordable prices.  

Promoting a line of vegan-friendly products and cruelty-free manufacturing, La’Bang Body scented oils will help you fight dry, itchy skin, by keeping you moisturised and glowing throughout your day.  

Shop our range of La’Bang Body scented oils today. 

La’Bang Body FAQs 

Do you carry La’Bang Body scented body oils?

Absolutely! La’Bang Body has a wide range of scented body oils, and we carry their most popular options.  

Here at Beautifully Healthy, we carry creamy Vanilla, nourishing Watermelon,  and hydrating Coconut. Each scent is sold in a 100ml (3.4 oz) container, which will keep your skin hydrated and glowing for weeks!

Do you sell any La’Bang Body hair treatment products? 

While La’Bang Body has some of the best-scented body oils on the market, they also have a range of other products, including their hugely popular Coconut Dream Conditioning Hair Treatment.  

This treatment will help you maintain a healthy scalp while increasing shine and overall hair moisture.  

Can you tell me more about La’Bang products? 

Launched in Melbourne in 2015, La’Bang Body has quickly become one of the most trusted global brands in women’s health and body care. They are a company that is committed to increasing confidence and living life beautifully. 

All La’Bang products are made in Australia and are 100% vegan. They use high-quality, healthy ingredients, that are enriched with natural oils and vitamins (which believe us, your skin will thank you for!). 

Because of this, La’Bang Body products have been increasing women’s confidence around the world, and have even been shown to help common skin problems such as cellulite, eczema, and psoriasis. 

What’s better for my skin - body oil or body lotion?

Ultimately, both body oils and body lotions help moisturise your skin! But while both products mean to achieve the same goal, they do it ever-so-differently.  

On one hand, oils sink right into your skin. It’s sort of like food for your body - as the oil goes into the skin it immediately helps re-introduce lost moisture. Oils are also known for their absorbent properties, which help mimic the natural lipids found in your skin, which ultimately help regulate sebum production.

On the other hand, lotions have a tendency to be part water-based and are usually made with the intention of helping specific skin problems (like eczema). Because of that, lotions are great for helping dry skin by helping the skin’s ability to maintain moisture. 

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