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Nature's Way
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Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way makes delicious gummies, powders and tablets that are rich in collagen. They're the perfect way to round out a routine for firmer and more elastic skin.

Nature's Way Beauty Collagen products nourish your skin from within, giving you enhanced anti-ageing in ways that creams and serums cannot. 

Explore the Nature’s Way collection with Beautifully Healthy and place your order online for fast shipping in Australia. 

What is Nature’s Way? 

Nature’s Way is a health and wellness company that specialises in collagen products. Collagen has been shown to reduce skin wrinkles and blemishes via specific bioactive peptides. 

When you’re young, your body produces plenty of collagen, allowing your skin to naturally stay young, firm and supple. But after your mid-20s, the body’s collagen production starts to decrease, and the first signs of ageing can become visible. 

To help reduce these effects and maintain natural youthful skin, Nature’s Way has created their leading range of Collagen products. 

Adding Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen to your diet will help you enjoy smooth and glowing skin for years to come. 

Nature’s Way - Frequently Asked Questions 

Can collagen be taken daily? 

Collagen has proven to be a non-toxic and safe supplement for daily use. The optimum daily dose has been shown to be 2.5-10 grams of collagen peptides.

It’s rare to encounter any side effects, and most healthy people will enjoy a range of benefits when increasing collagen intake as part of a healthy diet. You may find your skin feeling younger, healthier and more elastic. Collagen can also increase hydration for less dry and better-moisturised results.

Searching for the best daily collagen supplement? Beautifully Healthy recommends Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Tablets

What are the benefits of taking collagen? 

There are many benefits to increasing the level of collagen in your diet. 

Many people enjoy noticeable improvements to the health of their skin. You should expect to enjoy hydrated skin, great elasticity and a natural glow. 

Collagen has a range of additional benefits such as increased bone strength and reduced blood pressure. 

Where is Nature’s Way Vitamin C made? 

Nature’s Way Vitamin C is produced in the United States - but have many connections to producers all around the world.

These products contain the finest ingredients, including herbs and botanicals sourced from top-quality international suppliers. 

Beautifully Healthy offers a wide range of Nature’s Way dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and formulas. When you shop with Beautifully Healthy, you’ll enjoy unbeatable discounts, fast shipping and access to the world’s finest wellness products. 

Is Nature’s Way daily fibre suitable for kids? 

Nature’s Way offers a range of vitamins and supplements which are specifically designed for kids. 

Whilst many of the Nature’s Way supplements are for adults, and often specially formulated for women or men, not all supplements are suitable for children. 

The Nature’s Way Kid’s Smart range is tailored to children so you can always be sure their ingredients are suitable for your little one. 

Is Nature’s Way suitable for vegans? 

The Nature’s Way range includes some vegan products, which contain no animal products of any kind. 

However, not all Nature’s Way collagen products are vegan, so it’s recommended to confirm the ingredients of your chosen product before you buy.

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