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Vegan Supplements and Protein Powder From PranaOn

Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, PranaOn’s high-quality supplements and protein powders will help you achieve your health goals in record time! 

100% vegan and made with zero animal by-products, PranaOn’s range of health supplements is perfect for elite athletes, casual lifters, and everything in between. 

Enjoy a range of superfoods and supplements that never skimp on flavour and are always made with the highest quality ingredients (this means little-to-no fillers or artificial ingredients). 

Boost your metabolism, support lean muscle growth, and give your body a sustainable dose of energy today. Shop PranaOn supplements and power protein powder today.

PranaOn FAQs

Which PranaOn protein powder or supplement is best for me?


The supplements that are best for you are going to be dependent on numerous factors including your goals, as well as your current physical status, your daily nutritional intake, and more. 

Having said that, we find that many people enjoy Phyto Fire for weight loss. If your goal is to gain and build muscle, then we recommend considering the PranaOn Power Plant Protein.

PranaOn’s range of SuperGreen powders are ideal for detox and improved immunity, and can also improve recovery. 

Do you carry PranaOn Power Plant Protein?

Yes, at Beautifully Healthy we carry a wide range of PranaOn Power Plant Protein flavours. Some of the most popular power protein options are Strawberry Sundae, French Vanilla, Banana Split, Rich Chocolate, Coconut Mylk, and Himalayan Salted Caramel

PranaOn Power Plant  Proteins are ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and bulk up. The blend is not only 100% vegan, but it consists of 9 essential amino acids and digestive enzymes to assist with protein absorption into the bloodstream. Be sure to try one of the delicious flavours and achieve your optimal performance!

Do you carry PranaOn Phyto Fire Protein Powder?

We offer a wide range of PranaOn Phyto Fire Protein Powder flavours. Some of the most popular ones are Dark Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Honeycomb and Sugar Berry.

PranaOn Phyto Fire Protein is ideal for anyone who is looking to lose weight or to build lean muscle. This is because the ingredients are a high-quality combination of plant proteins and superfoods that directly target your metabolism, which will give you a noticeable energy boost.

The powder is low carb, keto-friendly, and also has added digestive enzymes to help with absorption into the bloodstream. 

Do you carry PranaOn Supergreens?

Ideal for detox and boosting your immune system, we carry Tropical, Fresh Mint, and Original PranaOn SuperGreen flavours.  

PranaOn SuperGreens are packed with sprouts, grasses, algae and more - all of which will help to cleanse and detoxify your body. SuperGreens will also help deliver crucial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your body. Some other healthy ingredients in the blend include Chlorella, Spirulina, vitamin B, and much more. 

How much is shipping at Beautifully Healthy?

We offer free shipping for orders over $50 and we ship all over Australia. This also includes our no-stress return policy, as well as the option to buy now and pay later with platforms like AfterPay and Klarna. For orders under $50, shipping will be calculated at checkout.  

What other supplements do you recommend?

If you are looking for protein powders that aren’t plant-based, Musashi is a fantastic brand. For tasty protein bars, we always recommend Quest.  

Another crucial part of health care is skincare - Dose and Co collagen creamers and La’Bang Body oils can work wonders. 

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