Bodichek Hot/Cold Reuse Shoulder/Neck

Bodichek Hot/Cold Reuse Shoulder/Neck

Bodichek premium shoulder and neck hot/cold pack reusable nylon with towel bag. See details

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Hot and cold gel packs are used to apply hot and cold therapy to various parts of the body to help relieve many symptoms. This includes: Headaches, toothaches, aching muscles and joints, back pain or menstrual craps.

This pack has been designed for the neck and shoulder area, fitting perfectly to target neck and shoulder pain. 

Product SKU: BHH1956

Bodichek hot/cold packs are easy to use. Cold application: freeze for at least 2 hours and leave it out for 15-20 mins before application.

Hot application: pack can be heated using either boiling or microwave heating method. Refer to instructions for use on the pack.

Warnings & Precautions

Never leave the pack in the microwave unattended.

Do not use directly on skin, always wrap in towel.

Do not use if pack is punctured or leaking.

Use only as directed.

Keep out of reach of children.

If you come into contact with gel, wash thoroughly with water.

Contact a doctor before using this product if you suffer from circulatory or sensory problems, hypersensitivity to hot/cold or history of frostbite.

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