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Bodisure Smart Weight Scale Bluetooth White Max180 kg Capacity

Bodisure Smart Weight Scale Bluetooth White Max180 kg Capacity

Bodisure BBC00 smart body composition scales are a smart and stylish way to monitor your weight and so much more via the feel fit mobile app. See details

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Product features:

  • 13 x body composition analysis parameters.
  • Weight measurement up to 180kg.
  • Body mass index (BMI).
  • Body fat (%).
  • Fat free body weight.
  • Subcutaneous fat (%).
  • Visceral fat.
  • Body water (%).
  • Skeletal muscle (%).
  • Muscle mass.
  • Bone mass.
  • Protein (%).
  • Basal Metabolic rate (bmr).
  • Metabolic age.
  • Unlimited multiple users.
  • Modern slimline design.
  • Tempered safety glass.
  • LED display.
  • High precision sensors - 100g increments.
  • Auto- On/off function.
  • Unit conversion - Kg/lb.
  • Low battery & over-load indicators.
  • Power source - 4 x AAA batteries.
  • Feelfit app compatible.

Product SKU: BHW2248

Please read the full instructions for use provided with the product prior to using.

The smart body composition scale can connect via Bluetooth to smart phones or tablets. To do so, you will need to install the Feel Fit app in the apple store or google play.

Next pair the scale with the app by following the onscreen prompts:

  1. Step onto the scale.
  2. Select the Bodisure scale icon and this will pair to your device.
  3. To manually pair - Touch the + on the top right corner of the screen. Touch device management and this should find the scale. This product supports the following system requirements: - Android 4.3 and above. - IOS 8.0 and above. Using the body composition scale 1.
  4. Step on the product safely with clean bare feet evenly apart, ensuring they are in contact with the 4 x conductive silver electrodes (the product will automatically turn on once you stand on it).
  5. Stand straight with good posture and remain still: The number on the display will initially flash twice to confirm the weight measurement is finished.
  6. Remain still to complete the other parameter measurements. The number 0 scrolling means the other parameters are being measured. Once the number 0 stops scrolling and is a stable figure showing your weight this means that the other parameters are completed and you can step off the product.
  7. The data will be automatically transferred to the feel fit app
  8. When you step off the product, it will automatically turn-off after 7 seconds. The product will also automatically turn-off after the reading is obtained while you are standing on it after 10 seconds.
  9. Should you wish to take another reading, please step off the product and wait for the display to turn off and then step back on again.

Warnings & Precautions

Store below 30°C in a dry place away from sunlight.

This product is not a Therapeutic device.

The measurement data is not to be used as a basis for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Always read & follow the instructions for use.

Do not use with any electronic medical devices e.g. pacemakers.

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