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Ecostore Citrus Fabric Softener Citrus 500ml

Ecostore Citrus Fabric Softener Citrus 500ml

Gentle formula reduces static cling naturally, and conditions fabrics to leave clothes and bed linens soft and easier to Iron. We don't recommend using fabric softener on dark denim, as it can affect the dye. See details

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Ecostore natural fabric softener is a plant based fabric softener formulated to keep your laundry feeling soft and fresh.

This natural fabric softening solution contains no harmful chemicals; it's perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

Although it is gentle and safe for the environment, this natural fabric softener's performs well as compared to competition.

Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients No synthetic dyes or perfumes Suitable for septic tank and greywater use

Product SKU: BHW3063

Machine washing: pour 1 capful into the fabric softener dispensing unit in your machine before washing, or dilute and add to the final rinse. Do not pour directly on clothes. Hand washing: add 1/2 capful to the final rinse of your hand wash.

To help you use only as much as we recommend, we've included a handy measuring cap on the bottles, so you get the most washes per pack:

Warnings & Precautions

Although plant-based, still take care to keep out of reach of children.

Avoid inhalation or direct contact with eyes and skin, as can cause irritation; if it occurs, wash with water immediately and seek medical advice.

Do not swallow - if ingestion occurs, give fluids and seek medical advice.

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