Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Dishwashing Liquid 1L


Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Dishwashing Liquid 1L

This powerfully concentrated plant and mineral-based formulation gets dishes and glassware sparkling clean and grease-free with just a squirt, while being kinder to hands. See details

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Ecostore ultra sensitive natural laundry liquid is a fragrance free natural cleaning laundry liquid.

It works wonders-turning dirty laundry, fresh and clean without any harsh chemicals.

Approved by Sensitive Choice free from fragrance and colourants safer for those with allergies or asthma

Product SKU: BHW3037

One squirt required (about 8ml) will clean a standard sink full of dishes. Not for use in dishwashers, instead try ecostore dishwasher powder or dishwasher tablets.

Warnings & Precautions

Although plant-based, still take care to keep out of reach of children.

Avoid inhalation or direct contact with eyes and skin, as can cause irritation; if it occurs, wash with water immediately and seek medical advice.

Do not swallow - if ingestion occurs, give fluids and seek medical advice.

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