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Essential Dog Sensitive Conditioner Chamomile & Rosewood 500ml
Essential Dog

Essential Dog Sensitive Conditioner Chamomile & Rosewood 500ml

An Ulta-gentle, plant-based conditioner that cuts bath time in half. Packed with natural ingredients, organic plant extracts & essential oils. See details

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Dogs have more sensitive skin than humans, so it is essential to use a gentle conditioner that effectively moisturises and softens the hair shaft without a sticky build-up or irritation. By blending seven certified organic cellular plant extracts, and remedial oils, you can be confident your dog will feel soft, shiny, happy, and smelling fresh as a daisy.

This natural spray-on, leave-in dog conditioner cuts bathtime in half, nourishes skin cells and softens the coat. It effectively moisturises without disrupting the natural oils on the epidermal layer, which functions as a barrier to protect the skin from bacterial and yeast infections, dehydration, pollutants, and allergens. Plant-based, assists with brushing, smells phenomenal, free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, artificial fillers, colours, fragrances, and aroma chemicals.

Up to 30 applications per 250ml bottle mean a little goes a long way: A light, delicate citrus scent with a hint of herbal and floral tones. Suitable for all breeds, ages and skin types.

Product SKU: BHW3000

Spray several times 10-20 cm onto a wet or dry coat. No need to rinse. Avoid eyes. Can be used to assist brushing and detangling.

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