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Evolution Botanicals Reishi Extract Spiritual Potency 100g
Evolution Botanicals

Evolution Botanicals Reishi Extract Spiritual Potency 100g

Reishi is considered a superior herb in traditional Chinese medicine and is perhaps the most revered of the mushrooms. See details

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Reishi is considered a potent shen (spirit) tonic and aptly named ling zhi 'the mushroom of spiritual potency'.

Reishi also has powerful protective properties and is able to enhance immune function (known as wei qi in tcm) as well as protect the liver.

Key benefits:

  • Immune protection.
  • Adaptogenic longevity tonic.
  • Improved adrenal function.
  • Meditation enhancement.
  • Nervous system and muscle relaxant.
  • Enhanced sense of connection | calmness of spirit.

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