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HAPPY WAY Vegan Protein Powder Caramel Biscuit 500g

HAPPY WAY Vegan Protein Powder Caramel Biscuit 500g

The worlds latest obsession with Biscoff has won us over too and led us to create the Caramel Biscuit flavour!! Light and crisp with a strong smack of caramel and hints of cinnamon, this protein powder will replace the naughty 3pm biscuit dunking.. See details

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Vegan protein powder is made from a plant-based protein that is sourced from plant matter such as: pea rice hemp soy

Coverted into a powdered form, vegan protein supplements contain varying amounts of protein depending on where it's sourced, the flavour, brand, etc.

At Happy Way, our vegan protein powders contain either a plant protein blend of rice and pea protein or hemp protein. The combination of the two plant-based proteins provides higher quantities of certain essential amino acids which are required from our diet to maintain healthy bodily functions. Hemp protein also contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Product SKU: BHW3681

Shake 30 grams in a jar or shaker with 350ml of water, milk or nut milk. Alternatively, you can mix 30 grams into your oats, natural yoghurt or smoothie. For optimal results, consume twice a day.

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